Today’s Daily Rant focuses on T-ara and their successful hit song Roly Poly that has spawned just one too many MV versions.

Ok, yes, it’s catchy. Yes, it’s a big hit. Yes, it’s a fun song. I GET IT. What I don’t get is the fact that Core Contents Media feels the urge to create a new MV for the song every single bloody week. Fine, make your MV into two parts. That’s ok because sometimes idol groups do release two parts to an MV (though I’m totally blanking on one at the moment). But when you release Part 1 (story MV), dance version, Part 2 (dance choreography), Part 3 (fan covers of the dance), and what seems to now be a European dance version of the MV, it’s a little much. Does a song that is popular need so. many. MVs?! I don’t think so.

I honestly don’t see the point of so many MVs. One or two MVs are fine. Make more than that and you are basically going for an overkill. It’s like using a word so much that it’s overused and beaten to death. And I like the song. Don’t get me wrong. But if I see so many MVs on this, I might actually start disliking the song. The magic of a song and MV is the fact that it grabs your attention the first time through. When you’ve seen it multiple times, the magic disappears. It’s no longer fun.

Fail, Core Contents Media, fail.