When you’re a popular idol, you can expect to have tons of fans screaming and yelling your name. A majority of those fans are pretty normal, but there are some that will go to crazy lengths to see their favorite singer, like getting in a taxi and following them. JYJ member Yoochun talked about these sasaeng fans a couple months ago, and now member Jaejoong has something to say to them…again.

The star tweeted, “The sasaeng taxi organizations have become even more numerous. Again, the drivers who do not have even pangs of conscience and the kids who are just too pitiable will also become more numerous. The drivers will rake in a fortune with that kind of a trade and the kids who are on those taxis will spend needless time and money and conversely take away the time and freedom of the people they love.”

His rant continued as he tweeted, “That this is something that one must endure if one is a star—even so granted, doesn’t this seem to be too much…? For 7 years, to need to hide and look furtively as if a criminal, when eating, when working, when taking a rest—is this a normal life? Stop it, you’ve had enough, have you not, let me concentrate on work and let me sleep a little, you.”

Like I said last time, there’s nothing wrong with loving and supporting idols. But there’s a boundary between being supportive and well, obsessive. After tiring schedules on shows and events, idols deserve some quiet time to themselves and should be able to rest in their house without the constant worrying of fans outside. I’m glad that Jaejoong stepped up and took some action. Hopefully, a few, if not all, sasaeng fans get the message and calm the heck down.

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He apparently is really bother by it. I’m glad let people know.

agree so much.. I hope they stop it!
poor idols.. what they have to tolerate.. :(

totally agree....pity our idols who can’t get much rest and normal life due to these fans… i hope they stop all this...what gains can they get if they continue. 

I agree....seriously celebrities are still humans! we should respect their privacy! 

agree much!! seasang fanss please just hold your horses!?

I agree...I heard about sasaeng fans who above and beyond with this who “Idol stalking” business O_o I feel sorry for the tired idols dealing with this :(

sometimes fans just overdoes it!

hmm, i hate fans like that


fans are freakin scary...going through trash and stuff :/

Forreal! Fans like that are crazyyy!

aww i agree with the last paragraph ! everyone needs privacy and limitations !

LOL too obsessed..the fans should calm down

i’m sick of sasaeng fan too~ get a life though~

I feel so bad… for all idols… :(

Ah, seriously. Saesangs of Jae need to stop and calm down. -.-;
Chill, guys. O:

I feel so bad for him and everyone who suffers because of sasaeng “fans” ):

aww, Jaejoong T^T
the fans need to calm down

Sheesh! These fans need to seriously chill -.-
I feel really bad for idols since they have to deal with this everyday :(

poor jaejoong,he must be very tired of this. Hope the fans will calm down after reading Jaejoong’s tweets

omg >3< waaah poor jae to go as far to compare his lifestyle as that of a criminal! makes me feel sad… grr those sasaeng fans need to calm down and get a life >.>

These fans need to calm themselves down. Idols need time to be alone with privacy.

they should calm down!!

seriously want to tell these fans to take a chill pill!

I agree, I hope these sasaeng fans just stop. Our idols need some private time to themselves to be able to rest, right?

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