When you’re a popular idol, you can expect to have tons of fans screaming and yelling your name. A majority of those fans are pretty normal, but there are some that will go to crazy lengths to see their favorite singer, like getting in a taxi and following them. JYJ member Yoochun talked about these sasaeng fans a couple months ago, and now member Jaejoong has something to say to them…again.

The star tweeted, “The sasaeng taxi organizations have become even more numerous. Again, the drivers who do not have even pangs of conscience and the kids who are just too pitiable will also become more numerous. The drivers will rake in a fortune with that kind of a trade and the kids who are on those taxis will spend needless time and money and conversely take away the time and freedom of the people they love.”

His rant continued as he tweeted, “That this is something that one must endure if one is a star—even so granted, doesn’t this seem to be too much…? For 7 years, to need to hide and look furtively as if a criminal, when eating, when working, when taking a rest—is this a normal life? Stop it, you’ve had enough, have you not, let me concentrate on work and let me sleep a little, you.”

Like I said last time, there’s nothing wrong with loving and supporting idols. But there’s a boundary between being supportive and well, obsessive. After tiring schedules on shows and events, idols deserve some quiet time to themselves and should be able to rest in their house without the constant worrying of fans outside. I’m glad that Jaejoong stepped up and took some action. Hopefully, a few, if not all, sasaeng fans get the message and calm the heck down.