When Super Junior announced that they would be coming back with their 5th album, you would not believe all the screaming, squealing, and cheering that occurred around the world with this joyous news. Pretty soon, you could hear “Return of the Superiors” being repeated on fansites, new sites and blogs. Well, the “Superiors” have returned with their 5th album and was their album as great as ELFs expected? Or was it too hyped up?

1. Mr Simple
2. Opera
3. Be My Girl
4. Walkin’
5. 폭풍 (Storm)
6. 어느새 우린 (Good Friends)
7. 결투 (Feels Good)
8. 기억을 따라 (Memories)
9. 해바라기 (Sunflower)
10. 엉뚱한 상상 (White Christmas)
11. Y
12. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart
13. Perfection [Bonus]

Mr. Simple

Super Junior starts off with its title track, Mr. Simple. Right off the bat, we hear the same funky sound that has been prevalent with Sorry Sorry and BONAMANA. This is part of the SUPER JUNIOR FUNKY style that seems to make its appearance in every album since the third one. It contains a catchy and addicting tune and melody that is sure to grab your attention from the get-go. But it does take a little time to get used to. I hear elements of f(x)’s Hot Summer, though. And there are those who say this is Sorry Sorry 3.0. Well, when you go with SJ Funky, you’re bound to get the same kind of feeling.

Next up is Opera which is a dance song that speaks wittily about Super Junior’s status in the music scene. It’s a pretty energetic song that still has remnants of the SJ Funky style. But if you listen to it more closely, it can remind you of SNSD’s Let It Rain and Born To Be A Lady mashed together. Following in the same kind of energetic, electric song is Be My Girl, which is a bit toned down from the first two songs, but still contains that loud sound that could turn people away from the album.

Walkin’ is the fourth track in the album and speaks about the obstacles and hardships that Super Junior has faced to get to where they are. It has a trendy beat, but is more on the mellow, relaxing side of music. A positive song that is sure to bring up your spirits as you can keep listening to it. Storm continues the relaxing melodies. A pop ballad sung by Super Junior KRY, Sungmin, and Donghae, you can just hear the emotions of how they compare love and parting to a storm, which comes and goes. Soothing and best listened to during slow, overcast days.

If you’re looking for a song that is not drowning in electric and music beats and processed voices, then Good Friends is for you. An acoustic track, it sings about the past 6 years since Super Junior’s debut. It has a fun beat and emotional melody that has you most likely swaying to the music. Feels Good, the next track on the album, goes back to popping, funky sounds that were found in the first few songs on the album. There is a lot of electric sounds here and one can hear some voice processing, which adds to the “electricness” of the song, but detracts from their lovely voices. However, the following song, Memories, will bring back memories of Yesung’s solo song, “It has to be You”, and it should, as they were both composed by the same composer, Joonsoo Park. It’s a wistful and wailful ballad that brings some chills down your spine as you listen to this beautiful, full of emotion song.

Looking for a cheerful song to cheer you up? Look no further in Sunflower. This was written by Brandon Fraley, the one and the same who wrote “My Only Girl” the fourth album. This song blends the members’ vocal talents together while keeping a light and fun atmosphere. And though we’re still a few months away from December, the members sang a delightful song, White Christmas, which is a remake of singer’s Jinu’s hit 1996 song. The group wishes for a White Christmas, even though we’re still in the midst of the hot hot summer. Littered with ecstatic emotions and a rock beat, Super Junior makes this song very unique sounding.

The last two songs, Y and My Love My Kiss My Heart, are R&B ballads. Y was a song written by Donghae and Chance. Its lyrics contain a medium tempo that is pretty optimistic. My Love My Kiss My Heart is also fast-beat, but sounds more sorrowful and more dramatic and intense sounding. It’s sung by Super Junior KRY, who seems to be trying out different song genres.

And the bonus track, Perfection, is sung by Super Junior-M. It’s the Korean version and was released a few months ago.

This album has a nice variety of song genres that should cater to just about anyone. You have your funky music, your ballads, your happy songs. The album begins and finishes with the same funky, strong music that has defined SJ Funky. I did have fun listening to their songs, but I somewhat wish that there were more happy songs along the lines of “Miracle”, “Dancing Out”, and “No Other”. Songs like those capture the essence of pure fun and happiness of Super Junior, as most would probably know Super Junior as “ubersexual” men. But they’re not all that ubersexual - they can be fun too!

I also wanted to hear more songs like My Love My Kiss My Heart. That has to be one of my favorite songs on this album. I really loved listening to that song and wish there were more like it.

This is a strong album, one worthy of those eager fans who have been eagerly anticipating this album, which could be the last one before Leeteuk and Heechul go to the army.

My last thoughts before concluding this review: There’s still something missing here, perhaps a fun, exciting element that would make this album more complete. Maybe it’s just me, but having a few more peppy songs wouldn’t hurt.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

What do you think of this album?

This blog post is part of the Super Junior Super Special 2011. For more, head here.

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wow thanks for the review.

I love the difference of genres they’re exploring in this album; really nice~

like their album!
and thanks for the review!^^

I really like Be my girl, memories, good friend, and storm~

Thanks for the review! i like their new album ^^
i think in this album, i love “Memories”

i’m still going crazy over this album and think i will for quite a long time :3 mr. simple is actually really good after the 2nd time listening! though it sounded a lot like super girl, the middle-endish is extremely captivating~ what i love most about this album is that it has 13 songs, so meaningful ^^ i wish they had more happy songs too but what ppl gotta realize is that the company is just trying to get ppl to listen to super junior. they know that the “already fans” will love everything about them but “not yet fans” need something to catch them in. since sorry sorry got so many fans, they think that the public enjoy these autotuned, electro songs. my favorite here has to be walkin though smile the wait was seriously worth it, but then again, waiting for super junior is ALWAYS worth it <3 Return of the Superior~~

I think the album is amazing and totally Super Junior, claiming their right as leaders of the hallyu wave. As a US-ELF I can say this is just a wow amazing album, you know? Mr. Simple, like Bonamana, Super Girl, Don’t Don, Sorry Sorry (all written by the same guy) has an addictive chorus that catches you after one listen. It just came out yesterday and I’m already waking up singing the song in my sleep lol.
This is definitely the return of the superiors.
My favorite part is SJ-M’s bonus track on there.... because it means Henry and Zhou Mi are FINALLLY On the full Super Junior album. As a String and MiTang that makes me proud too. smile Prom15e to Bel13ve. 

I thought it was really good. Mr. Simple is addicting, and I really like Memories~!

The album sounds like it’s really good! I haven’t heard it yet either. I’ll listen to it when my album arrives:)

The album’s really good. I like the songs; it seems so well balanced. =w=

thanks for the review ^__^

I haven’t heard it yet, but it sounds like it’s a lot better than the Bonamana album!

I would go with 4.9/5 or 5/5 because I don’t like maybe ONE song in the entire album, and even though Mr. simple is slightly messy, they put in a new undertone, did anyone else hear the indian signature melodies? i thought that was really cool.
I didn’t like Good Friend’s style that much, but the meaning is still great.

Thanks for the review smile I already heard the whole album and I think it’s very good. There are more songs I like than in Bonamana album

woah~ great review!

It’s upbeat and unique! ^0^

love it! it’s awesome! songs are mind blowing!!! =D

i love this album. more than the 4th album.
the songs are really good.
so it’s a 5/5 for me ^^

mr.simple superiors are back !!!

I think it deserves a 4.9. I mean c’mon, there was a rant saying how like 3/4 an album is full of old songs and the rest is new. This album only has one old song which is Perfection, which I love. I love this album and I wish I can get it. It has a variety of genres that I won’t mind listening to all over again, but thanks for the review! 

FREAKING LOVE IT.  It is definitely living up to my expectations!!  Maybe they’ll have more happy songs on the inevitable re-release smile

i love the album <3 :D

i love it ! maybe that fun exciting elemnt will covered when the MV come out !!

i love most of the songs 4.5/5

I liked most of the songs. And yeah, I was kinda looking for a happy song along the lines of No Other as well.

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