Super Junior’s Siwon was given the nickname “Simba” by Heechul because he said that his face looked like a prince’s. Siwon’s fans also call him “Shisus”, “God’s #1 Fan”, and “Soldier of Light” due to the fact that he is very religious. While most people know these nicknames, how much of Siwon do you really understand? That’s what this brief profile is here for!

Name: Choi Siwon
Birthday: Registered is February 10, 1987. Actual is April 7, 1986.
Family Background: Born in Seoul and raised in a strict Protestant family. He’s considered the richest member of Super Junior as his father is the CEO of Boryung Pharmaceutical Group.
Role in Super Junior: Sub-Vocal and the ‘Appealing Visual’

-He secretly auditioned in the Starlight Casting System after his parents expressed their disapproval of him pursuing an entertainment career.
-Siwon made his acting debut in “Eighteen, Twenty-Nine” in 2005. Since then, he’s starred in various dramas and movies such as “Spring Waltz“, “Oh! My Lady“, “Athena: Goddess of War“, and “A Battle of Wits“.
-He is skilled in Taekwondo and became the youngest in Korea to hold the fourth rank in black belt.
-He’s known as the ’scuplture man’ for his ‘perfectly chiseled out’ body.
-Siwon is a popular choice for endorsements and frequently models for many items in South Korea. In March 2007, he and fellow member Donghae were picked as the models for Thailand’s 12 Plus Powder.
-Siwon is an UNICEF envoy.
-He is also a member of Super Junior-M.
-Siwon’s fans are called ‘The Siwonest’, translating to ‘The Coolest’ because ‘Siwon’ literally translates into ‘cool’.
-Leader Leeteuk mentioned that Siwon is purposely placed in the middle in most photos because “putting him in the middle gives the illusion that all members of the group are really handsome.
-Siwon is known to be extremely polite and his members constantly make fun of him for his use of excessive hand gestures.
-Fun Fact: Siwon is a very devoted Christian and constantly tries to convert Heechul, who is an atheist.

Siwon has pretty much tried out everything there is in the entertainment industry. He’s a singer, dancer, actor, and a model. The one thing that I’d like to see him try is in musicals. Although his vocals aren’t the best in Super Junior, I feel that participating in musicals would greatly help him expand as both an actor and a singer.

This blog post is part of the Super Junior Super Special 2011. For more, head here.

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LMFAO him and heechul r cute XD

Lmao. The illusion of the rest of Super Junior being as handsome.
Ahhh Teukie <3. Don’t worry, you are all handsome and cute, Leader Teuk ^^

And lmao @ the video

the video was funny but also very sweet ^^ lol heechul’s reactions whenever siwon said anything. they both seem so different yet they’re so close, this is what a family is <3

Thanks for the facts!
I think, the first person that i knew at SuJu is Siwon ^^
LoL at the video~

I agree with you. That’s the only thing he hasn’t done yet. Musicals.

Siwon-oppa, hwaiting! :3

Siwon!! he’s my second bias! :D he’s so fun to be with.. I think since we haven’t met yet.. but i wish we could.. and he’s one guy i really wanna talk to about Jesus.. I wanna help him turn Heechul around! :D

Siwon is really funny, he is also really handsome and god blessed him with an amazing talent and the sexiest body i have ever since. I just find it a little funny that he is so religous but he models in underwear and has his top of the whole time or at lest 80% of the time. All the really religous people i know think that showing part of you body in a sexual manner is a sin. I am really christain myself, however i couldn’t go up to someone and till them to start believing. You can’t make someone believe in something, you can till them that you believe in it but if they don’t want to believe then that is up to the person themselves. I don’t like being told what to believe in and other people don’t like it either we all have opinions that the one part where me and siwon might not agree with but I wish that i can one day be able to meet him and have a serious conversation about christainty. I would really like to be about to talk to him about God someday.

Siwon oppa i hope i can meet you one day and we can talk about jesus and god someday i would really like to hear your opinions and views. I would also like to know your opinion on sexual content in media. i respect you a lot and you are amazing person. As a person i would love to know more about you. maybe you will do an interview one day. Love you lots siwon oppa

siwon is really cute and there’s no dooubt about it!!

I love Siwon and the nickname the sculpture man really suits him. And I always like seeing Heechul and Siwon interactions, they are so cute together and funny at the same time! 

Haha. The video was funny. I saw the GIF in tumblr. I always wanted to watch it but don’t know what it was called. I like how Heechul knew what Siwon wrote in the card. Thanks for the facts.

LOL i like his horse or bull nickname xD ~ cute and handsome him <33

LOL!!! I love Siwon~~ Hahaha, Heechul is pretty hard to convert I bet!

LOLOL, Ma Siwon~
thanks for the facts

Lol Siwonnie...they would put you in the middle because of that XD Love you my Soldier. Siwonest ftw!

AHahahahahah! Leeteuk’s comment!! XDDDDDDD
Hehe, Oh Siwon~ Always the one to catch people’s eyes with your prince-charming looks!~ <3333

LOL at Leeteuk’s comment. XD

And his hand gestures! They always poke fun at him because of that. XD

ahahah Simba <3 raspberry

I remember… “Heechul, you should really read the Bible” xD Not gonna work, sorry, Siwon xD he’s so handsome ^^

I first started liking Siwon when I watched Oh! My Lady :3
I never really noticed he had dimples until watching the video (fail >__<)

LOL Leeteuk, all SJ members are handsome xD
And LOL at him trying to convert Heechul. So cute^^

I love Siwon, it’s hard not to. x.x
But I must admit, at first I didn’t really like him, but now I find him amusing! :D I love his voice!~!

Aww, so cute! Thanks for the facts. He is my favorite~♥

lol siwon might as well give up on heechul

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