We know there are some powerful female idols who have a great vocal range and the ability to reach extremely high notes but let’s direct our attention to male KPOP idols who can reach extremely high notes. Since it is natural for a male to have a deep voice, reaching high notes can be different and can result in voice cracks. Here are 10 male idols who can reach high notes perfectly.

BEAST’s Yoseob and his high note during his and Junhyung’s performance of “Thanks To”.

Kim Tae Woo’s high note during a “Love Rain” performance featuring Seohyun.

Big Bang’s Daesung doing a high note during “Candle” at the Electric Love Tour.

SHINee’s Onew and his rocker high note during Rock of Ages the musical.

2AM’s Seulong singing “Nothing Better” during a fanmeet.

Dalmatian’s Jisu taking on IU’s 3 Octaves.

MBLAQ’s G.O singing a high note during Wildflower at a fanmeet.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and his continuous falsetto through “Cafe”.

SS501’s Heo Youngsaeng flaunting his ability to do 4 octaves.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and his high note during the Sorry Sorry remix at GDA 2009.

This list is definitely not complete because there are a whole lot of other male KPOP idols that can reach high notes so guess what? Look out for Part 2! You can also share in the comments below which male idols not on this list can reach high notes.

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CHANGMIN!!! he can go higher than any of those idols.. its his signature!! u 4got abt him. he cn go higher thn me

u missed yesung and changmin..for me they are the one who can reach high note..but for yoseob i’d to be agree with u..

isen’t changmin from TVXQ the one with a signature high note…

i think Changmin DBSK d best…


My fav is still B2st Yoseob:) He`s voice is amazing:)

what about Ryeowook and Sungmin?

kyu not reaching the high tone enough...he have a big voice...Shinee JJong is the best High Note achiever… n changsung dbsk..hehe

:OO what about Jonghyun from SHINee? 


U missed Changmin, and Xiah Junsu n Jaejoong too.
Random, but u need to review Yoochun’s voice in Memory of Etude.

n how about Yesung and SHINee’s JongHyun?
just opinion though…

i miss young saeng… T_T

Onew~~~~ >.< :D

seobie, seulong, taewoo <3 yet where is changmin ?

woah~ yay Kyuhyun is hirr~!! :D ♥

Kyuhyun oppa~~ hehehe <3 I knw u will be on the list~!! ^^

Jonghyun for SHINEE

i like kyuhyun’s voice.. but i think ryeowook is also qualified in those voices that can reach high notes.. XD

You left out Ryeowook in ‘Blue Tomorrow’ that is just.. Didn’t even know it was possible for a guy to go reach that high. :D

this wouldn’t be complete without Changmin going “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”

G.O reached a very high note in Mona Lisa too smile

i heard TOP can sing really high too :O i hope we get to see it someday ><

Def Changmin! How could u miss his high notes in Mirotic and Keep Your Head Down xD

jaejoong and junsu of JYJ can hit high notes really well as well :D

Kyuhyun and Onew. :D

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