So, have you noticed that Korea has a fascination with teddy bears? Jeju Island is home to the Teddy Bear Museum. But it’s not only small teddy bears - it’s the BIG ones as well. Like seriously big ones. See, if I wanted one, I’d probably have to go all the way to Korea to get one (ok, probably not, but yeah). And KPOP idols love their BIG teddy bears as well! Oh yeah, did I forget to mention just how cute they look?!

Big Bang’s Daesung and Seungri. The two youngest members of Big Bang just look too precious with their bears. See the blissful look on Seungri’s face? And Daesung’s kiss to the bear - I’m sure a lot of VIPs would love to be in that teddy bear’s place! Who would’ve thought they would be jealous of a cute teddy bear?

After School’s Lizzy and UEE. Lizzy received this cute teddy bear for her recent birthday. Put these two together and you get some uber cuteness floating around! Remember UEE’s tweet about her boyfriend? That boyfriend was none other than a cute teddy bear and just look at all the love that UEE is showering the bear with. Teddy bear, you make people jelly.

U-KISS’s Kevin. Ya know, Kevin, with your feminine looks and all, it’s not all too surprising you have a teddy bear. If you don’t want that image, you best change it! Though I’m sure KISS-MEs would be delighted to fawn over your cuteness!

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. I believe there are stories where Lee Joon takes this big teddy bear wherever he goes. Can’t remember where I read it but isn’t that just squealtastic?! A male idol bringing a big teddy bear wherever he goes.

Girl’s Day’s Minah. Minah definitely can’t shine without her teddy bear! And it seems that she loves it a lot! But Minah, the teddy bear is almost bigger than you….

SS501’s Young Saeng. Young Saeng looks very content with his teddy bear. You could probably tease him and pull pranks on him and he most likely wouldn’t care. Unless you hide his teddy bear.

JOO. Ok, so her teddy bear isn’t exactly BIG BIG, but it’s still big enough! She definitely enjoys some time with her teddy bear. Look at her big smile - it’s totally evident!

Song Seung Hun. OMO. Who would’ve thought Mr. Muscular here would have such a cute teddy bear?! I suppose it was evident coming because he has such a cute face. Nonetheless, I totally didn’t expect such a picture from a hottie and a cutie.

FT Island’s Hongki. Hey Hongki, could you be ANY cuter? You’re killing me with your cuteness overload! Seriously! But keep doing that - I love it!

Super Junior’s Kibum. Kibum fans, your favorite idol sleeps with his teddy bear! I totally think this is cute! Even guys can sleep with teddy bears! (One of my guy friends does do that.)

Too much cuteness overload for you here? Well, you best prepare yourself because there will be more coming! Which idols would you give a big teddy bear to? Or better yet, which ones would you want to see with a big teddy bear?

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G-Dragon should also be there.

I’m looking forward to see Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Siwon, and 2pm’s Taecyeon and Chanseung…

Saengi looks super cute in that picture!! it was taken when he was half asleep~

I love the teddy bears from goong! I’m surprised you didn’t put Minho on this list since he had a huge teddy bear in his convertible in Hello MV xD

Lol! These are ADORABLE! Kevin with his Rilakkuma bear ^O^ Ohh, but I though Changmin would be on here raspberry

This is too cute >.<

i want a giant teddy bear~
song seung hun looks so cute with his bear! :D

Aww I can’t help myself from staring at Kibum’s pic with his teddy bear ^^ Lee Joon looks adorable with his huge teddy bear raspberry Cute!!! xD

They’re all so cute and adorableee. ^^

They all look so adorable with their giant bears! (:

Lee Joon looks so chic with his teddy bear. They’re all so cute! The KPOP idols and their bears!

I am willing to become Kimbum’s teddy bear

you forgot taeyeon!

Kibum 8D he looks like an angel sleeping with that teddy bear!

Every photo is so Cute! I especially love Lee Joon! I would love to take that bear place

aww Joon and his bear is so cute. <3

*cuteness overload*

GDragon+his teddy bear arent there tho lol

I want a big bear...I have a dolphin but the dolphin doesnt have arms to hug me back. :[

Hongki Hongki Hongki ♥

Minaaah is adorable too ! smile

Love all of the pics, they are all such cuttieees !

I want Siwon with a big teddy bear =)

awww this is totally cute!!! 

Omg lee joon!!!!<3 SOO cute (both him and the Teddy bear xP) forgot about sungjong tho....:O

There’s Changmin hehe

Awww cute! Kevin and Joon look so adorable with their teddies :D

WAH KIBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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