If you’ve watched those Korean dramas that aired especially in the early 2000’s, then you surely have noticed that there’s this particular theme that’s common in them. What is it you ask? Well, it’s the protagonists getting either cancer, leukemia or being involved in car accidents which causes them to get amnesia. Even though I’ve watched heaps of soap operas already, I still can’t help but cry whenever I watch dramas that have these kinds of plots. Anyway, here are 10 Korean Dramas that really requires a lot of tissues (for tears and runny nose haha) If ever you’ve not cried while watching any of the dramas listed, then you’re not human. (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS)

1. Autumn Tale:

Aired in 2000 and is the first part of the Endless Love drama series, Autumn Tale is about Yoon Joon-Seo (Song Seung Hun) who falls in love with his ’sister’, Eun-Seo (Song Hye Kyo). Due to their ’sibling relationship’, they of course, weren’t allowed to be a couple. They then went into a secret affair and became deeply in love. Later on, the two were found out but then, they were still forced to separate by their parents. So just like in any typical drama, the girl has a sickness. The thing is that she not only battled leukemia but she also fought her love for Joon-Seo. Yes, Eun-Seo died in the end, but what’s more tragic here is that, Joon-Seo died as well as he was hit by a truck. I wasn’t expecting his death AT ALL since he died like seconds before the entire drama ended.

2. Winter Sonata:

This is the second part of the Endless Love Series. It’s about Jun-Sang (Bae Yong-joon), a son of an eminent musician, who moved to a school in Chuncheon where he meet Jeong Yoo-jin (Choi Ji-woo). Jun-Sung and Jeong Yoo-jin fell in love with each other, but this was cut short when Jun-Sung was involved in a car accident. It was then reported that he died, but what the rest of the characters didn’t know that he actually escaped death. However, he suffered brain damage which caused his memory loss. Jun-Sang’s mother then decided to move to the United States with Jun-Sang, where he can start a new life under the identity of Yi Min-Hyeong. So after a couple of years, Yi Min-Hyeong went back to Korea. He worked at a firm where Yu-Jin coincidentally works. At some point of the drama, Yu-Jin found at that he was indeed her lost lover, Jun-Sung.

Though they reunited in the end, I still can’ help but cry especially when Jun-Sung became blind in the latter part because of the car accident (ugh!)
(*R.I.P. Park Yong Ha*)

3. Summer Scent:

Honestly, I still haven’t watched this but I knew I had to include this. Anyway, this is third segment of the Endless Drama series. It revolves around Yoo Min Woo (Song Seung Hun) who suffered a heartache after the death of his first love, So Eun Hye who was involved in a car accident. On the other hand, there’s this woman named, Shim Hye Won (Son Ye Jin) who suffered from a terrible heart disease ever since childhood. Miraculously, she obtained a heart from a donor, So Eun Hye. Suffering from the pain of a heartache, Min-woo went to Paris to study, the memories of Eun Hye still hunts his heart. When he returned to Korea, fate takes a turn and brings Hye Won and Min-woo together. When the two first met Hye Won’s heart (Eun Hye’s heart), oddly beats faster when she’s around Min Woo.

4. Spring Waltz :

This is the fourth and final installment of Yoon Seok-Ho’s seasonal drama series, Endless Love. This tearjerker is about Yoon Jae-Ha (Seo Do-young) and Eun-Young (Han Hyo Joo) who shared the memories of their childhood together. A series of unfortunate events ensued and Su Ho disappeared while Eun Young was left alone sick in the hospital. After several years later, Eun Young met Jae Ha, a talented pianist with a cold attitude. Their love started to develop but what Eun-Young didn’t know that the man he’s in love with is actually Su-Ho, the friend who left her.

Enough of the plot, this drama is far my favorite among the seasons that I’ve watched. The most heartbreaking part is the flashback of their childhood. Though those scenes were kind of draggy, I can’t help but cry especially when Su Ho had to leave Eun Young in exchange of the money for Eun Young’s surgery. It was full of sorrow but it ended happily. By the way, Daniel Henney and Super Junior’s Siwon starred here!

5. Stairway To Heaven:

Ahh, who would forget this drama? This was actually the first Korean soap I’ve ever watched but still remains to be my favorite heartbreaking drama. I can’t help but cry in each and every episode and you might have guessed it, my eyes were swollen the next day.

It revolves around Han Jung-suh (Choi Ji Woo) and her childhood friend, Cha Song-joo (Kwon Sang-woo). At a young age, Jung-suh lost his mother which made his father remarry. However, his father remarried a not so good woman. Jung-Suh was assaulted by both his stepmother and stepsister. Yes, I blame the evilness of both the stepmother and stepsister and the ignorance of the father(!!) I won’t tell much about the synopsis of this drama because I want you to watch this(if you still haven’t) or else, your totally missing out!

6. Stained Glass:

Aired in 2004, Stained Glass is about three young orphans Han Dong-joo (Lee Dong Gun), Shin Ji-soo (Kim Ha Neul) and Park Gi-tae (Kim Sung Soo) who became best friends. Because of some incident, Dong joo got separated from the two and was later adopted by a rich couple in Japan. Now after several years, Dong-Joo returned to Korea with a new name, Yuichi Yamamoto. He met his two childhood friends and soon developed his feelings for Ji Soo. Furthermore, his friendship with Gi Tae began to unravel.

The ending was a total cliff hanger! Why? No one even ended up with each other! Actually, there was this time that they were supposed to get married but something came up and it was cancelled. Yes, cancelled and not even postponed. Regardless of that, I still liked it because the value of friendship was evident and the storyline was not superficial at all.

7. Snow Queen:

Oh, this drama. It made me stay until 3:00 am in the morning! Anyway, it’s about Tae Woong (Hyun Bin) who is a math genius in his school. He met Kim Jeong Kyu (Lee Sun Ho), who is his competitor when it comes to academic accolades. After Tae Woong beat him in an international math Olympiad he committed suicide. He then met this little girl Kim Bo Ra (Sung Yu Ri) but lost touch with her without finding out her name. After several years, he met Bo Ra again but their reunion was not as happy as you might be thinking right now as Bo Ra was actually the sibling of his former rival in school, Jeong Kyu. That was actually not a huge problem. The bigger problem was that she got an incurable disease. I’m pretty sure you know what happened in the end..,

8. King of Baking: Kim Tak Goo:

I believe this was the best K-drama of 2010. Its final episode received a 50.8% viewership rating! Hmm, for the plot, please just read it here. Sorry, it’s just that it has a lot of twists and turns that I can’t explain with my own words but really, if you want to take a break from the typical Korean dramas you see these days, then this is just right for you. It’s very uncliche, I swear. Excellent storyline, perfect cast, superb acting skills, awesome OSTs, what more can you ask for? Ah one more thing, I love Majun even though he’s evil hehe.

9. Tree Of Heaven:

I really can’t recall a happy scene from this drama. Every episode was full of sadness and tears. Again, it’s about a ’sister-brother’ relationship. Hana’s (Park Shin Hye) is bright young girl who lost his father at a young age. When mother returned to Japan, she came with her new husband and his song Yunsuh(Lee Wan). Some episodes after, they developed feelings for each other but there were problems that aroused. All I know is that he sacrificed himself for Hana.

10. 49 Days:

This is the most recent drama on this list. Aired earlier this year, 49 Days is about Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) who lives in absolute bliss. Her perfect life was shattered when she was involved in a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She was then given a second chance by the ‘Scheduler’ but there’s a condition: she had to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrowed the body of Yi Kyung (Lee Yo-Won), a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days.

What made me weep here is the part where Ji Hyun felt really hopeless in finding the tears and where ‘Scheduler’ finally remembered his girl, ‘Yi Kyung’. It was so touching that it made me realize how precious life is and that you need to live each day as if it were your last. This drama is so unforgettable.

What Korean dramas broke your heart into pieces? Share your thoughts and experiences below!

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gah these dramas need to watch ><

endless love series made me cry...but Cinderella’s sister made me cry too..A LOT..!!~~

Snow Queen made me cry, but I think the drama that made me cry the hardest --like full out bawling tears and tissues all over my floor-- was “A Love To Kill”. I was devastated the next day still haha. “Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School” was another drama that had me in tears.

all so sad :((

lol so true

Just reading those descriptions of the dramas makes me wanna cry already.. ><

Totally agree with the list...so tearful raspberry

i really like those dramas…

Of the ten Ive watched zero...exactly because they do make me cry >.< (cant handle sad dramas) thanks for sharing~

Wow they did make me cry :’( Thanks for sharing! smile

i agree with this list
thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing
winter sonata was really sad!

A box of tissue is not enough for these dramas…

omg.. cinderella sister should be here.. i cried like every episode! so sad~~

i’ve watched all the endless love installments and they really are heart breaking. i was watching 49 days now, and i love how the story is going. smile

49 Days was awesome!

stained glass! i watched almost everything on the list. and i agree with it. ^_^

I’ve watched some of these, but I should try the rest. 

stairways to heaven never fails making me cry even i watched the drama over and over again~

omg so agree with this list !! i feel like want to watch them again !! Y__Y

49days… i cried alot when watching this drama...and so king of baking, kim tak goo

awww these bring back memories.... *tears*

4 of my most fave dramas are on the list ! Thanks for sharing. Yeah cried more than a liter because of these dramas especially 49 days !! Yi Kyung and Yi Soo !! <3

aww and I start to cry so easily..
I’m gonna watch these smile
and cry buckets :3

u forgot ‘Cinderella’s Step Sister’… that drama made me cried on every episode… seriously…

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