Singles‘ magazine recently recruited three KPOP groups for their special makeup-themed beauty spread. One member each from the groups Infinite, ZE:A, and B1A4 came together for this photoshoot.

Infinite’s L, ZE:A’s Dongjun, and B1A4’s Gongchan were the members selected as they are known to be the ‘visual members’ from their groups. The three guys each represented a different image. L took on the image of a young boy with cute freckles, Gongchan revealed a sexier side to him with his side swept hair, and Dongjun oozed sexiness thanks to his wet hair and face.

A representative that was on set said, “All 3 of them enjoyed the photoshoot and the way they suggested poses enthusiastically left an impression in my mind. They showed visuals that wouldn’t lose to a professional model. There would be nothing lacking with their looks to call them the new male gods.

Seriously, Myungsoo is so handsome.

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cute~~~ XD

oh my Gongchan looks amazing!!!! Not sure about L’s make up though - he is so handsome so that makes up for it! Dongjun looks cutesy.

gongchan looks so mature and amazing! all of them look awesome~

OMG the so freakin hot!

OMG. They all look amazing!

love it
like how they combined ppl from different groups!

Very handsome! smile

WHOA! Handsome~ ^^ Gongchan = sexy! :D

3 hottest guys MY LIFE

They look amazing! Defiantly like gods<3

thanks for the photos smile

MYUNGSOO… He’s not even my bias, but I can’t help but appreciate his gorgeousness. ^_^

loove them!!

love all of the photos raspberry
thanks for sharing smile

Dongjun~~~ XD

I love Dongjun smile and the natural expression of L.
But my favorite is Gongchan’s one he is so sexy and I love his hair.

they look great~
i love Gongchan’s the best <3

WOW!! I love all the pictures xD So good-looking~

woah they look amazing!

omg they look so good here >_< ~

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