Recently on MBC Every1’s ‘Jung Bo Suk’s Chungdamdong 1 AM‘, SS501’s Park Jung Min revealed that he never been on a date nor had a girlfriend ever since his debut.

Park Jung Min said, “After we debuted in 2005, I’ve never had a girlfriend. I did, however, have someone in mind.” He continued by saying that the clerk at his bank was a big fan of his. The clerk not only had him on her Desktop background picture but even gave him good investment tips and techniques.

After a while, he said he started getting a little curious and decided to go take a peek of her, but found that she had changed paths to her dream career as a stewardess.

He blushed while shyly confessing, “I coincidentally met her twice on a plane overseas.”


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Awwwww~~ That girl is so lucky~ >.<

aw hes really lonely

Wow he really must be lonely, it’s okay my Jungmin you can date ^^

Lol, shame, he must be so lonely xD

ww that so cute of him ! xD

aww sooo cute!!!!
the clerk/stewardess must be soo happy~

That’s so cute. I like how he found out that she changed job and stuff. I wonder if she will find out about this. Thanks for sharing.

That’s cute. I feel bad and relieved at the same time. ^^

There’s still time, his time will come soon ^^

you will date again jung min. keep on to hope smile


woooh!!a little shock,,but nice!,,dont lose hope park jung min,,fight

Oh! sweet. haha.

Aweee… that’s so sad and cute…

I just hope all the idols, male or female, gets to stay with their love forever.

And I love how he shares this stuff so honestly <3

thanks for sharing!!

he’s faithful to his fans ^^
hope he will find someone who he truly loves one day <3

Wow, since debut! Wish him to get his dreamgirl!!
Way to go, Jungmin!!
Thanks for sahring!

i love how he is honest! XD
thanks for sharing!

Why do I find his story cute? Hehe. I wonder if he’s still pretty close to the banker-turned-stewardess.

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