Super Junior’s Siwon has been missing from his group’s “Mr. Simple” promotions thanks to his participation in KBS drama Poseidon. But don’t worry, ELFS; Shisus has uploaded a recent picture of himself suited up in a captain’s outfit, much to the delight of fangirls everywhere.

He tweeted, along with the above photo, “It’s a beautiful weekend! How are you doing? I am ‘Kim Sun Woo‘ of the Gunsan Maritime Police. It’s nice to meet you!”

Well, it’s definitely nice to meet you as well! And thank you for being so lovely and responding to some fans’ tweets! Lucky them! And my my, don’t you look fantastic in your suit?

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I’d be his crew anyday.

Anything suits Siwon-oppa, I swear. 8D

Siwon oppa just suit any outfit.....
i’m sad that for now he can’t be with SUJU....

he just needs some facial hair and he will be so sexy

Ah, so handsome! :D I think he’d make a really good Captain in real life >.<

Captain Siwon FTW !!~
He looks so handsome !!~
Thanks for sharing ^^

Aye, aye Captain Siwon! ^^

very captain siwon look!!

very spiffy looking!

iv always loved a man in uniform…
siwon just proves it!!

Wow!! he looks amazing in that uniform!! Very Handsome!! smile
Siwon Hwaiting!! smile

wow he looks lovely within that unform xD ~

Wow!! He really looks like one xD So handsome~

he looks great ^^

that’s hot. it’s just goes to show you guys look 5x better in uniform

he is just Gorgeous! 

he is soo cute and cool! XD
thanks for sharing!

OMG...He is very cool, like a real captain

Lol so cute and adorable!! ^0^

so good looking!

Hes gorgeous!!!

He looks very handsome :3.

Aiiiyeee aiyyeee~! Captain Siwon lookin’ fine~ Won’t you let me be your first mate? XD LOL <3

he loooks sooooooo handsome ;P

awwwwww.... *faint*

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