Alexander and Kibum officially withdrew from U-KISS a few months ago and two members were added to the group for their comeback. Yet despite the separation, Alexander has remained a publicly active supporter of the group and recently congratulated them on their 3rd anniversary through his Twitter.

Alexander tweeted twice for U-KISS’s anniversary. He wrote, “Even though we are walking in our different ways, the fact is that we started together on 2008.08.28 and I will always be proud about it. :)” And also, “Happy 3rd Anniversary U-KISS-ME! All the BEST for the comeback ^^ #3yearsofkisses @ukissSH @KiSSeop91 @u_kisseli @Kevinwoo91 @Dongho94 @90KKB”.

I’m glad he’s still supporting U-Kiss and Alexander and Kibum will always be apart of U-Kiss. Happy 3rd Anniversary U-Kiss!

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I really touched when I saw his tweets. How sweet Kevin replied him too :’)

Saranghae oppa....

eww his eyebrows are ugly

wish he never left!

i miss him in u-kiss!!

nice person! I like him smile

i saw this tweet before, sweet xander <33

Awe thats very sweet of him!Im glad that they all keep in contact!! Happy 3rd Anniversary U-Kiss!! <3

Aww...good to know that they’re still buddies ^^ Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

aw xander ^^ ♥
glad he still supports U-KISS
Xanderettes and Kiss Me’s still support you~

I love friendships that last even without being in the same group…
love his support towards his former members <3

Happy third anniversary! U-KISS-ME’s smile

love his support~

hell always be a part of u-kiss~~

thats nice of him!
glad to hear thats they are still close!

he will always be part in U-kiss
i love alexander
so nice person..
fighting ^.^

they will always be part of U-KISS no matter what

I almost teared up when I read his tweets and kevin’s response not gonna lie~ I hope that ukiss would one day work with xander and kibum again. It’s so sweet of Xander to grats ukiss. he will always be part of ukiss no matter what <3

That’s sweet~ Happy 3rd anniversary U-Kiss!

Awh, Xander. T.T I’m sure he misses his members

I find his message touching. Happy 3rd Anniversary again U-Kiss!

such a nice member~ i hope Xander will be in another group soon ;-;

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