If you have been following the KPOP news recently, then you will remember that Super Junior’s Heechul would be leaving for the military on September 1 and that the August 28th episode of Inkigayo would be his last stage for two years.

In the end, Super Junior received the Mutizen award for the second week running and it was a win that was sweet and meaningful for the group and fans alike. Leeteuk started off the winning speech strong, but he could not hold back his emotions as he started to talk about Heechul and eventually broke down crying, handing the mic off to Heechul. Heechul thanked everyone, including members, friends, and fans, and was smiling throughout, though it seemed as if he were holding back tears.

Leeteuk: To those who have supported Super Junior since November 2005, I’m really thankful. To SM, family(smtown), hyung, who’ve been with us, thank you. And to Super Junior, our Heechul, I would like to say “saranghanda(i love you)” one more time.. [cries]

Heechul: Today was my last performance. First of all, the people i want to thank you the most are our Super Junior members. I really thank you to my dongsaengs who always follow Hyung. And also my friend, our Jungsoo, despite the hard times, thank you for smiling always. To our manager Hyung & staffs thank you for enduring my bad temper (then talking about names from Inkigayo staff). Lastly I thank all our fans, and i cannot express my feelings that well,… I will come back!! Stay healthy.

The full clip of the winning stage is below and I think I am a masochist because every time I stop crying, I rewatch the clips, then the tears start surging once more. Stay healthy and safe, Heechul! We’ll see you after two years! And at the moment, both #WeWillWaitForKimHeeChul and #MrSimple8thWin are trending in first and third worldwide, respectively.