We’re nearing the end of August which brings us another week filled with editorials. Check out which topics we had up for discussion this week.

- Besides being great singers, dancers, and entertainers, the members of Super Junior are also brilliant magicians! Check out some of Super Junior’s magic tricks!

- One of the many things Korean dramas is known for are their depressing story lines that will bring you to tears. If you want to be prepared, then these are the 10 dramas you will need to have tissues for.

- Which male idols have the cutest eyes of them all?

- After it was announced that Super Junior’s Heechul would be leaving for the army on September 1st, fans of the group and star were left heartbroken. Since Heechul is a prominent member of Super Junior, just what does his departure mean for Super Junior?

- You’ve seen part 1 and part 2, so now we present to you part 3 of idols wearing the same article of clothing!

- Which KPOP idols have the best dimpled smile? Find out for yourself!

- Idols are bold and daring, but which ones have been daring enough to try anime-colored hair?

- We’ve already seen idols with cute eyes, and sexy eyes, but which idols have the sexiest gaze?

- Thanks to MBC’s 3rd ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘, photos of the idols’ derp faces during the competition has brought much laughter to fans.

That’s it for the editorials this week! Which ones were you favorites? If you have any topic you’ll like to see an editorial on, leave a suggestion in the comments below and one of our writers might just take you up on the suggestion!