In the previous episode, we were left with Mu Won asking Eun Sol to see him as a man. What happens next? [SPOILER ALERT!]

Ji Hyeon sees them there, so he watches them from the window and signals to Eun Sol to tell her to leave. Eun Sol doesn’t know exactly how to reply to Mu Won yet so she asks him if she can answer him another day. After she leaves, Ji Hyeon sits with Mu Won and they begin arguing about Eun Sol. Eun Sol sees them sitting together when she passes by and doesn’t feel safe letting them talk to each other, so she goes back and sure enough, they begin fighting about it, and she has to call for help from Mu Won’s secretary. The news leaks onto the internet, and Na Yoon and Mu Won’s mother find out as well. they meet with Eun Sol, planning to threaten her to stay awa from Ji Hyeon and Mu Won, but then Mu Won’s grandmother sees them and scolds them for their evil plans.

Ji Hyeon’s father also finds about the fight and although the two say that the fight was over work, he knows it is actually a fight over a woman, but he thinks it’s Na Yoon. Everyone else knows the truth, and everyone keeps calling him thick-headed because he can’t see what is happening right in front of his eyes.

Although both Mu Won and Ji Hyeon like Eun Sol and have confessed to her, she decides that it is best for her not to choose between one of them and just reject both of them because no good would come out of her being in a relationship with either of them, and that they will both get over it after a while.

Meanwhile, Ji Hyeon’s father meets with Na Yoon and her mother to discuss the marriage between Ji Hyeon and Na Yoon, but Ji Hyeon doesn’t want to marry her since she reminds him of his brother who passed away. As Ji Hyeon’s father is going back to the office, he finally realizes that the reason why the two were fighting was not because of Na Yoon but because of possible Eun Sol, and he confirms it with her as well. However, he plans to move her to work at a different location because he knows it is not possible for Eun Sol to be in a relationship with his son, but he seems heartbroken at this fact because he likes Eun Sol.

Eun Sol accepts the fact that she needs to be transferred to a different location to work, so she plans to begin working on getting Ji Hyeon to be able to live well on his own without needing someone to take care of him all the time. While on the car with his father, Ji Hyeon notices that Eun Sol has been saying things about her leaving, and he thinks it’s strange, so he gets out of the car in the middle of the street, but he forgets to bring his phone and wallet. Worried about his son, Ji Hyeon’s father calls Eun Sol to ask her to find him and the episode ends with No Eun Sol finding Ji Hyeon right as Ji Hyeon is calling out for her.

The beginning of this episode was absolutely hilarious! I watched it with my family and everyone was laughing their butts off. My favorite episode of the drama so far!