Super Junior’s Leeteuk always seems to be smiling and tries to never cause worries to fans. However, a recent tweet that he posted on the social media site has caused fans to worry and ponder over his well-being.

He tweeted, “I tried to be patient but this is too hard… Really.. Very.. I feel like my body’s about to break into nothingness. I think it’s telling me I should die.”

Upon reading this tweet, fans responded in huge numbers, saying, “What’s the matter oppa? Isn’t it something you could quickly settle through the company?”, “What in the world is the problem? I’m worried for you”, and “Because of your tweet, I can’t focus on my work. You always have us [fans] to cheer you on. Be strong.”

I wonder what the leader is going through right now that could cause him to be this depressing. Stay strong, Leeteuk! Though this tweet brings me back to when After School tweeted stuff like this, and it turned out that Bekah was graduating.