Another week has gone by and it’s time for another Twitpic roundup, presenting pictures from your favorite celebrities! Check them out!

Cube artists have recently held their first family concert in Japan and 4minute’s Sohyun tweeted a photo of the family members, which included BEAST, 4minute and G.NA. I’m sure they had lots of fun in the concert! I hope I can see the Cube family live someday, who’s with me?

Solo rapper San E from JYP Entertainment uploaded a picture of him with ‘Undisputed Dead P’ and ‘top producer Nuol’ in a studio, is he going to make a comeback soon? I hope so as I liked his debut song ‘Tasty San,’ which featured miss A’s Min, and I would like to see him on stage again!

Rainbow’s Yoonhye posted a series of cute selca pictures! I love her facial expressions here! She’s so pretty, isn’t she?

Super Junior’s Heechul looks so tired lately, but he recently tweeted that he got a 2-hour massage and he felt like he was reborn, along with this picture. The tweet did not only make me glad hearing he could get some rest, but it also made me amazed as the picture is simply… hmm, can I say gorgeous? I’ll surely miss him for the next two years when he’s serving his duty in the army.

Co-Ed School’s Sungmin doesn’t seem to use his Twitter, so 5Dolls Eunkyo posted two pictures of the cute maknae for fans delight. I miss the boys of Co-Ed School and I’m surely looking forward to their male unit debut!