It’s been a while since we’ve seen Dalmatian after rapper Dari left for the army. But guess what! According to member Youngwon, the group is slated to make a comeback soon!

Youngwon posted on his official homepage, “My loving Dalmates !!!!!!! My lovely Dalmates~!! You’re listening, right~?!^^ I was really, really, really touched and thank you so, so much!!! Because of our Dalmates, we were able to be proud! And we were more confident than ever!!!!” He also thanked fans for coming out to support Dalmatian for the special Idol Sports Competition and ended his post with, “Ah and! For our loving Dalmates, a surprise present~^^! And anticipate the next album!!!!! An awesome Dalmatian album, anticipate it!!!!^^ㅎCominng soon. Anticipate October!^^ We’ll sweep them away!^^ Dalmatian, Dalmate, hwaiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^”

Though their agency has yet to reveal the official announcement, something like this from a group member makes it pretty much official, right?