This past weekend, 150 idols came together for the third annual Idol Athletics Championships hosted by MBC for the Chuseok special and fans came out in hordes to support their favorite idols.

To show his appreciation and gratitude for the fans who braved the sweltering heat to watch said idols compete, Super Junior’s Leeteuk brought drinks and ice cream and personally handed them out to the fans, which Shindong, who wore sunglasses, took them off so that he could see the fans without hindering his eyesight.

They seriously never fail to amaze me with their kindness. Lucky fans there!


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They’re so sweet! 

This is just one of the reason why fans never thought of leaving them....
they’re really thoughtful…
Saranghaeyo oppa

aww they sooo sweet!!!

aww wish i was there too! ♥

i love them!!!

Awww, they never fail to amaze me either:D I love how generous they are ^-^ So cute in the picture too!

and this is why they’re so loved <3 because they love everyone back~

I’ve never anywhere good!!!

Awwww Teukie!!! Always thinking and caring about everybody...from his members to we ELFs <3 <3 <3
That’s why Kpop rules the world, and that’s why I swore to Leader Teuk I’ll be an ELF forever smile

I heard about this. That’s pretty cool smile

I like the picture! I wish we had idols like that, who did those fan services at things like these~ I’m glad to see Leeteuk isn’t at depressed as before~

they are so sweet ^^ this is why i love Super Junior <3

they’re so nice & sweet smile
i wish i was there~

Wah. Those sure are lucky fans! I wish I was there. XD

How sweet of them :’) I wish I was there

SUJU is always the best in fan service!!! They really love and appreciate their fans ^^


AWWW so sweet!!!!

Aw. That’s so. Sweet. Those fans were so lucky. wink

thats so sweet ! his future girlfriend/wife would be so lucky !

They is so nice of them! <3
Lucky fans! I wish I was there! xD

aw so sweet and kind of them with the popsicless!

I don’t know… It is awesome that Leetuk is taking care about his fans! But it’s making me sort of worried, is he saying goodbye????? Like he is trying to give as much as he can before leaving! or am I just thinking too much?
I don’t know, Maybe I was just worried too much about him for the past days....
thanks for sharing^^

This is the act of the angel known as Park Jungsoo. Oppa, you are so awesome. XD

whoah~ how lucky of them!
♥ leeteuk! smile

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