What I love about Davichi is just how powerful and emotional that both their songs and music videos can be. The duo has come back with their third mini-album, Love Delight, and with the new mini-album comes their brand new MV for “Don’t Say Goodbye”.

The music video. Davichi’s music videos have always been beautifully made and this MV here is no exception. The MV begins with a young man who seems to be interested in astronomy as he peers into his telescope. As he steps out of his house, he is startled by something moving in a black trash can. He opens it up, revealing Kang Minkyung inside, who seems to have been beaten up and discarded. The two enjoy being in each other’s presence and have fun together until the guy receives a call from a mysterious man. It turns out that he had a previous girlfriend, who went missing five years ago and resurfaced recently. Torn between the two, he goes to the meet with an unsuspecting Minkyung, who recognizes the man and begs the guy not to leave her. But in the end, he chooses his girlfriend, leaving a screaming and crying Minkyung in the grasps of the mysterious man. It sends out a poignant message that most of the time, when confronted in a situation, a guy will always go for his true love, even if it means abandoning someone else.

The dance/choreography. As with most of Davichi’s music videos, there is no dance or choreography shown. Their music videos have always had some sort of storyline and it makes the song all that much better. Speaking of the song…

The song. At first, when I heard the song, it has bits and pieces of sad emotion, but with such strong, loud voices singing, I thought it was more of a cheerful song. Boy was I wrong. It’s more of a pop ballad with a sad story and message of not wanting someone to leave you and say goodbye. The song pulls at your heartstrings and the music video even more.

Thoughts. I’ve always loved Davichi’s songs and music videos ever since I heard them two years ago with their ‘8282′ song. That was such a nice and beautiful song. Davichi’s talents are seriously no joke and I really do wish they would earn more awards. But that’s wishful thinking. Someone needs to recognize talents such as these young ladies and they honestly should be recognized more. I really do love this MV and I hope there’s a part 2! Like how Minkyung ended up there.

Overall Rating. 5/5


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yeah I agree too smile
5/5 from me raspberry

i agree!! 5/5!!

thanks for the review ! 

thanks for the review ! agree, not just the song, but the MV also good, i’ll also give it 5/5 <333 ~

Thanks for the review!

I agree with basically every bit of this review. The powerful vocals and the sad emotion is just such an epic combination, and Davichi had definitely done that effortlessly. The MV is totally beautiful but with such a sad story line.

All in all, I love this Music Video. <3

i like the song, very nice & the mv is good too
thanks for the review

thanks for sharing!

Definitely agree! I’ve always loved Davichi for having beautiful songs with powerful vocals and sad and emotional MVs, and this MV is no different.

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