Congratulations to our previous One Sentence Summary winner, CaptainAwesome, who submitted, “Wow~ it’s amazing, so handsome and delicious-looking, so wonderful! Oh, and Kyuhyun is okay too, I guess.” One Sentence Summary is similar to Caption This blog games, except instead of photos, your task is to do it with videos. Best one sentence summary wins 100 EXP.

The video featured is SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong promoting the Samsung Card. Summarize this in one sentence!

Please Note: Only one summary per user. The winner will be chosen by me and cannot be challenged. You have 24 hours to submit your summaries.

The winner will be announced in the next One Sentence Summary game. Good luck all!

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Don’t know what EXP is? Well, it’s a measure of everything that you do on Ningin and then some. Read our Definitive EXP guide for the complete details.

The winner of this blog game will earn Legion Points for Mixr Legions. Mixr Legions is a team-based game that along with EXP, keeps track of all the activities that you do across the Mixr Network of sites. Head here to learn more!

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Samsung card- for pretty boy only! 

congrats CaptainAwesome ! :D

you, you over there ! kim hyunjoong is offereing you a card !

shop with hyun joong using samsung card!!!!

Want a samsung card? Spend a ton. Want to get the card the easier way? Marry Hyun Joong!

Hyun Joong uses it so u should too!

Even that card is too good for Kim Hyunjoong

congrats to the winner!!


Don’t be a nobody with just a card, be somebody with the Samsung Card...just as Hyun Joong!

Help Kim Hyun Joong not waste his time with the older crowd when you could be on the other end of that smile taking his card(filled with benefits)

Purchase items that fill a receipt up to an arm’s length and receive a free yellow card touched by Kim Hyun Joong!

congrats to the winner~

Buy whatever you want don’t matter the price Samsung Emart card gots your back. 

does my smile brighten your day, well with Samsung’s Emart Card you will receive offers that will brighten it even more

Why waste time showing off your ‘idol disease’ to some random old lady when you can just flash the Samsung Card to get your discount?

fair prizes for the Samsung´s Emart Card, even if you´re not an idol!

receive the special treatment with the samsung Emart card - wether you are a celebrity or not {the card knows no difference!}

Darling you’re so beautiful~~ But who are you again?

Cute , Handsome , Beautiful but , this card is more useful and better , love Hyun Joong !!! 

Pretty boy asking discount from the “wrong” person, Samsung Card is there to save the day… so why not?

Congrats CaptainAwesome smile

Also in awkward moments, the Samsung Emart Card is your best friend! Why not? And you with no lollipop can get it too! :D

Get the star treatment, no matter who you are, with Samsung’s Emart Card!

You’s impossible for me to create a sentence from the cf if I don’t even understand a word he said~
Congrats CaptainAwesome for the previous game ^^


Congrats CaptainAwesome!

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