Though Super Junior’s Kyuhyun may be the lovable, snarky, evil maknae we know of today, in truth, he wasn’t always who he is today. Kyuhyun revealed his tribulations and trials of his early debut days on the recent episode of Strong Heart.

For those of you who weren’t aware, Kyuhyun went through the shortest training period of all the Super Junior members (he trained for 2 months) before he joined Super Junior, who were already 6 months into their debut days. Because Super Junior already had 12 members prior to his addition, Kyuhyun was afraid that the group wouldn’t take to him well and be secretly seething in frustration due to lack of screen time.

Kyuhyun elaborated, “On my second day at the agency, I ran into the Super Junior members, who were said to be so busy that people were seldom able to catch a glimpse of them. I was so nervous that I just slightly nodded my head and said ‘Hello’, but Leeteuk-hyung coldly replied, ‘Excuse me, but that’s not how you greet someone’. Of course, at the time I had made a mistake, but the members seemed to dislike me from the beginning.”

Not only that, but he added, “When I joined Super Junior and moved into the dorm, all the members each had their own bed except for me. They told me just to sleep anywhere, so I ended up sleeping in a sleeping bag next to Yesung’s bed for a month, between Donghae and Sungmin’s beds for a month, and so on for about 9 months.” (And this is how his famous bed song came about.)

Kyuhyun also relayed a story of how one time he messed up cooking ramen for the 13 members after Leeteuk ordered him to do so. He added too much water, which led Leeteuk reprimanding him harshly and flinging his chopsticks to the side.

Ryeowook added that the group has a strict “can’t be drunk” rule within the dorm, but one day saw Kyuhyun come home after drinking one bottle of soju. ““We have a rule saying that you cannot be drunk inside the dorm, but one day Kyuhyun consumed an entire bottle of soju before returning back home. He then came to lie down on my bed and said, ‘Ryeowook, I’m so tired,’ while shedding tears.” Ryeowook was worried, so he talked to Kyuhyun: “I was also going through a tough time, so I asked him, ‘Why? Because of who? I think I’ll be able to understand you,’ to which Kyuhyun replied, ‘Leeteuk-hyung…’, and then drifted off to sleep.”

Despite whatever confrontations he had with Leeteuk, Kyuhyun confessed that he holds much respect and admiration for Leeteuk. When the group won the first of their many music awards, each member sobbed with joy save Kyuhyun, who forced his tears back because “he didn’t think he was a part of this achievement.”

(Super Junior’s winning performance for “U” + first award)

He said, “The members continued to cry once we returned to the waiting room, and I truly wanted to cry along with them.” He continued to stand off to the side, looking awkward, until Leeteuk became aware that Kyuhyun was by himself, left the other members, and warmly embraced him, telling him, “You worked hard too, Kyuhyun.” When Kyuhyun heard that, he let the waterworks loose and broke down crying. He felt that with these words and actions, he was finally a part of Super Junior and that Leeteuk had finally accepted him.

Leeteuk himself stated, “It’s because we have a strong foundation of faith and trust in each other that we are able to share stories like these. I think that’s how comfortable we feel around each other now.”

Super Junior definitely has gone through a lot of ups and downs and I’m relieved and glad for them that they are able to truthfully tell one another of their feelings. This whole story made me tear up because imagine that you’re an outsider and you enter a group that’s already been together for a while. They look down upon you and will try to make your life miserable at times, but in the end, it’s all for the best! And Kyuhyun, Leeteuk really loves you. He was so worried for your well-being during the entire accident.

Super Junior, fighting!


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I’m crying T_T So sad but at least he’s happy now smile

Wow, there’s no need to act all mean towards the maknae I think...thank god Ryeowook is there to save the day! ^^ Well, I’m glad that they are a family now...and a happy on too! Kyuhyun must have been really depressed when he first joined SuJu...I kinda feel sorry for him. Maybe that is why he’s so evil now raspberry

OMG. I seriously teared up a bit while reading this.

Don’t worry Kyuhyun, all the members accept and love you now. smile

Awww...this story made me a bit teary!!
I am glad that Kyuhyun was in accepted by the members!
He sure did experience some hardship!
I love him!! =D One of the few that I am bias towards to in the group!
Kyuhyun HWAITING!!!! =D

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