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From Rekuru:

Voice actress, Takahashi Chiaki, has just revealed the PV preview to one of her latest tracks, “Chupa Rico,” through, avex’s, official, YouTube, channel. More »

From Rekuru:

Child actor Suzuki Fuku (7) recently performed a public recording for a new song titled, “Umaretayo! (I am born!)” that’ll be featured in a new CM for insurance company Medicare Seimei. He told the audience that he’s often asked for autographs by his classmates and that he aspires to appear on NHK’s “Kouhaku Uta Gassen” as a singer one day. More »

Congratulations to user cararibz for correctly guessing the previous Voice Snippets game with Rainbow’s Jaekyung. Voice Snippets is a blog game in which you listen to a voice snippet and post your guess of who the voice belongs to. The first person to guess correctly will receive 100 EXP points. More »

Update no. 5 of KPOP Idol-Off 2: Kyuhyun (Super Junior) vs. Yoseob (Beast)! Team Yoseob is still in the lead with the score at 4-3. Read on for a breakdown in scores. More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of blu_starz, features Park Min Young dancing to f(x). From an episode of “City Hunter,” what do our readers think of her mini-cover of the make-up dance from “NU ABO?” More »

After Davichi’s third mini-album leaked online, it seems that their agency Core Contents Media has decided to stick to schedule and release the MV for their title track, “Don’t Say Goodbye”! More »

From Rekuru:

Singer Nakashima Mika has just unveiled the PV for her upcoming single, “LOVE IS ECSTASY.” More »

Ever since these 5 boys signed a contract together with EMI Music Japan for their Japanese debut, the boys of Shinee have been working hard in order to increase their popularity. Debuting with the Japanese version of “Replay” followed by Juliette, Shinee now reveals to us a brand new song which was never promoted before, and its entitled, “Kiss Kiss Kiss“! More »

Music lovers, it’s time to kick off the brand new week with new Ningin Music Charts submissions! The basic idea behind Ningin Music Charts is to give you guys a system to vote on songs that you like and tally up all the songs at the end of every week. We’ll start the tally for this week in this post and the results will go up next Sunday. Here’s the full details: More »

Recently, f(x)’s Victoria shared a doll-like photo of herself! More »

Recently after finishing up his concert in Daegu, singer Rain shared a photo of himself. More »

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun transformed into a rocker for the latest episode of Immortal Song 2 and his performance featured a special guest appearance from fellow SMTOWN member, TRAX’s Jungmo. More »

Congratulations to user bobamochi for correctly guessing the previous Missing Lyrics with the lyrics to 2PM’s I’m Your Man. In Missing Lyrics, your task is to identify the lyrics based on the clues given. The first person to answer correctly will earn 100 EXP points as well as Legion Points for your Mixr Legion. Keep your guesses to Asian songs. More »

MBC has made an announcement saying that they’re preparing to launch a new music-dedicated cable channel by the start of 2012. More »

Just recently, Leessang’s Gil thanked his fans for all their support for their group’s new album, ‘AsuRA BalBalTa‘. More »

Actress Han Hye Jin shocked her fans with her perfect image transformation. For the September issue of ‘W‘ magazine, Han Hye Jin exhibited that she was able to pull off yet another transformation. She showed off a strong image that differed greatly from her girlish one. More »

Recently in an interview, actress Shin Se Kyung has expressed her anticipation for the upcoming MBC sitcom ‘High Kick 3‘ and commented, “I’m really looking forward to ‘High Kick 3′. I’m curious as to how the story will unfold.” More »

Recently T-ara has released their concept photos for their new Japanese debut, “Bo Peep Bo Peep.” More »

Recently Baek Ji Young must have gotten an inspiration to tweet after getting her haircut! She tweeted, ”To be surrounded by good people is a very happy thing. A young person’s perspective“. More »

Congratulations to BreakinLily for correctly guessing the previous Anime Photo Shuffle game with C.C. from Code Geass. Here’s the original image: More »

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