Super Junior’s Siwon stuns with his excellent acting performance in the rain for his upcoming KBS drama, “Poseidon.”

Siwon plays the character of ‘Kim Sun Woo’, a marine who gets entangled in a series of unfortunate events that leads to his downfall. He then joins hands with the “Investigation 9″ team and works with co-star Lee Si Young, who plays the role of Soo Yoon, to bring justice to his case.

Photos of Siwon filming a rain scene for the drama taken at the Incheon Airport on August 25 have emerged online. The scene is an important one for the drama as it signals one of the steps that leads Siwon’s character to get caught up in a series of unfortunate events.

Although he filmed for over three hours in the rain, jumping and fighting for his action scene, Siwon still manages to look serious and charismatic.

Officials of the drama commented, “It’s hard to consistently look and act so rough amidst such heavy rain but he really got the feel of it. Viewers can look forward to the many sides of Choi Si Won.”


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Can’t wait to watch the drama!

[nuff said]

He is looking so hot! <3
Can’t wait to watch the drama! smile

3 of my favorite things: Siwon, rain, and Siwon in the rain :D

Wow, that’s so cool! He looks great^^

he looks really really good… can’t wait to see it !!!

Oh wow… =w= This is a dramatic scene~ <3

omo can’t wait to see the drama smile
Siwon looks so cool and hot wink

Wooh! Coolest oppa ever. smile)

can´t wait to see it :3 Choi Siwon Hawaiting ! <3

Siwon never fails to impress me! GO SIWON GO! :D


Wow~ He looks amazing <3

damn! hes hella sexi!

...and of course, he looks hot. wink

is that the shoot that’s why he has a FLU?…

i’m so excited!!!

Oh god he’s so hot and his body shape is just attractive :f

He looks hot and cool at the same time xD Don’t get sick ya, Siwon?

Wow. He looks so cool! I just hope he doesn’t get sick because of the rain.

looking hot :3

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