Today’s Daily Rant is regarding the fact that Super Junior-M members Henry and Zhou Mi are not members of the main group, Super Junior, and yet Kibum is still considered one.

It annoys me that Henry’s and Zhou Mi’s talents are going to waste because they get thrown to the side until Super Junior-M promotes. When everyone thinks of Super Junior, they think of the original 13 members and often forget about these two. In fact, Henry and Zhou Mi were highly disliked when they were first added to Super Junior-M and hardcore fans of the original 13-membered Super Junior even formed an “Only 13″ campaign to show their disapproval of them. Even today, there are still some fans who have yet to accept Henry and Zhou Mi. It would seem as if some of these fans have problems adapting to changes but if that were really the case, then there would have been a ruckus when Sungmin and Eunhyuk were added to Super Junior-M, however, there wasn’t. If it was so simple for two members to be added to the sub-unit, then why is it so hard for two members to be added to the main group and given their well-deserved chance to shine?

If we be honest here, Henry’s and Zhou Mi’s talent can rival most of the members from Super Junior. Henry can speak four languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean), has an amazing voice, infectious dancing skills, and to top it off, he’s an expert on the piano and violin. He’s also got an all-around great personality and chubby cheeks you’ll die to squeeze. I would feel bitter that my talent is restraint to a sub group but Henry is always showing his endless support for Super Junior and cheering them on from the sidelines.

(Begins at 3:48)

Zhou Mi is no less talented than Henry as he’s responsible for writing a number of lyrics for Super Junior-M’s albums including “Love Song“, “Marry U“, and “A Man In Love” from the group’s first Chinese album, “Me“, to name a few. He would be a great contribution to Super Junior seeing as how Koreans’ love for idols who write and compose has grown tremendously.

You’re probably wondering what Kibum has to do with all of this now. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this name, Kibum is apart of the original 13-membered Super Junior. He has been inactive from the group since 2008 after announcing that he wishes to pursue his acting career. Kibum is a cute, and funny guy but in terms of contributions to Super Junior, he hasn’t done very much. He left the group before they hit their peak in popularity (”Sorry Sorry“, 2009) but still receives attention because he is “a member of Super Junior”. He was added to the group as the “rapper” but Eunhyuk is the main rapper. His singing and dancing isn’t the best either. If we want to be kind, we can say that it is a fact that Kibum was an actor before a singer. It’s funny though, because although he left the group to focus on his acting career, we’ve seen the other members of Super Junior in more dramas than him. I find it unfair that Kibum shines without using effort, while Henry and Zhou Mi work hard to barely leave the darkness.

If Henry and Zhou Mi can’t join Super Junior, then I would like to see them participate in solo activities, or perform as a duo because their talent is too great to waste as guest members of Super Junior. However, I honestly don’t see what’s so difficult about allowing Henry and Zhou Mi to join Super Junior. These “13 Only” fans need to understand that they’re not going to lose anything if Henry and Zhou Mi joins the main group, in fact, Super Junior’s overall talent will only become greater. Besides, with Heechul having joined Kangin in the army, and Leeteuk to join the duo next year, Henry and Zhou Mi will be able to keep Super Junior going strong. Then when they all reunite, they can be one big happy family, like how they already were in case some fans didn’t see that.

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laurenjayne - 09/11/11 8:44 pm

I agree so much! I hate how people call themselves a hardcore ELF yet refuse to think of Henry and Zhou Mi as Super Junior members! They are so talented. I know Kibum and Hangeng aren’t in SuJu anymore but i still think of them as a part of the family. It is about time everyone got over themselves and realized that Zhou Mi and Henry are great.

I totally agree with this. It hurts to see only-13 ELFs because I consider Zhou Mi and Henry part of the SuJu family…

I totally agree with u!!! they deserve to be in the main group!! >.< they’re so talented, wae they only is subgroup???? I love all of Super Junior’s subgroups, but i would love to see Zhou Mi and Henry in the main group!! SJ! <3

I agree so much! I hate how people call themselves a hardcore ELF yet refuse to think of Henry and Zhou Mi as Super Junior members! They are so talented. I know Kibum and Hangeng aren’t in SuJu anymore but i still think of them as a part of the family. It is about time everyone got over themselves and realized that Zhou Mi and Henry are great.

i agree alot! i wish that they would just accept Henry & Zhou Mi! and also, i miss Kibum :[

i agree with this so much!

omg. Henry’s korean is SO GOOD ! he also has this really confident & cool vibe that he gives out. & he’s so adorbs, i dont see how anyone can hate on him. 

it’s really weird, IM NOT SEEING ANY KIBUM DRAMA THESE PAST 365+ DAYS. -_- All I see are dramas from Donghae, Sungmin, Siwon, etc etc. =||| STOP FOOLING FANS PLEASE :(

VERY WELL SAID. I kinda agree very much. Kibum used to be my bias, though. -_-

YES. like i’m still waiting for kibum to come back cuz my favorite suju times were before sorry sorry and he was there. but those “only 13"-ers are really getting me angry cuz zhoumi and henry are GREAT and the other 13 members think of them as family. henry is like 3rd or 4th best dancer between all of them with CRAZY violin skills, zhoumi is just amazing with his singing and song writing. they’re both adorable and really try hard to be accepted especially since they’re not fully korean. show them the love they deserve, they’re part of our family <3

I agree!!! Henry and Zhou Mi should be apart of Super Junior. All though, I don’t really feel like Kibum is even apart of Super Junior anymore.. It seems wrong to kick him out. I think he should come back and do some songs!! If not, then maybe he shouldn’t be in Super Junior anymore?? Seeing as he’s not helping them :/ But idk… Henry and Zhou Mi are amazing. And I wish we could just put them all together and be a big happy family like you said. smile It would be such a large group haha. <3 I would love it :DD

All of them should be together so we have a 15-member group smile One of the largest Kpop bands in history ♥

i totally agree henry and Zhou Mi should be apart of super junior but i dont think kibum should be kicked out. these two have lots to offer super junior plus with heechul then leeteuk going away super junior should welcome these two great singers into thier fold

I love Henry on the violin....although if I held my violin like he did when did lessons I would’ve been told off for not having a strong wrist!!  (boooooo my old teacher!)

i don’t think kibum should be out, honestly, i haven’t been an ELF when kibum was still promoting with Super Junior but i still watch the shows that he was on, i think he is still a very important part of Super Junior. he’s going to be on a drama soon, and is currently shooting. i just really wish he’d come back to Super Junior and promote with them more! i really think he has the worst reason to not promote with Super Junior.

Now that Super Junior is going through the “Army Relay”, the group really needs members to make it still feel like Super Junior. ELF all think it’s really awkward with 8- members on stage. even though 8 members is still a lot, for Super Junior, it’s a very small number. Adding Zhoumi and Henry would be perfect! they could promote right now, and when all the members come back from the army, they could promote as 14 (if Kibum comes back). Then, to fulfill our dream, 15 members of the Super Junior family can finally stand on stage.

I have to agree with you for the most part, the ‘Only 13’ campaign was just sad. I mean why can’t Suju be like some other groups *After School, Morning Musume* and have the members graduate, so that way the fans can still appreciate the past members and get a chance to open up to new members. And it would be cool to see Zhou Mi and Henry do something like a duo or join the main group because it does seem like SM is just keeping their talent on hold until they are needed.

I like both Henry and Zhou Mi but I don’t really like the fact that many people are degrading Kibum because of his lack of activity in acting. Have you actually thought about why he hasn’t been in any dramas? What if it’s because he can’t get a part in a drama? What if it’s because he had some problems coming up and he couldn’t act in a drama? Or what if he was down with an illness or that he’s attending school? Besides, he acted in the movie Joomoonjin, which was released in 2010 and he’s currently casted in a play too.
I really don’t mind if Henry and Zhou Mi join Super Junior. In fact, I’ll be overjoyed, now with Kangin and Heechul in the army..soon Leetuek too..and the others in a few years too. However, I hope that Kibum wouldn’t be hated or complained about because despite his inactiveness, he still is a member of Super Junior, even Hangeng (: 

Honestly, I love all three of these guys. Kibum’s always been a part of the team: everyone’s seen clips of his CF’s with Siwon, of him messing around with Donghae, of him speaking English in Fullhouse, and of him being hilarious on EHB. Personally, I’d say he’s a pretty big part of SuJu, and that’s why they still consider him a member. Of course, I love Zhou Mi and Herny too--how can you /not/ love such adorable, talented, guys?

It’s pretty immature for fans to reject Henry and Zhou-Mi, but I guess it just comes down to the fact that haters are gonna hate. I hope they’ll both get accepted soon, because they have definitely earned it. And anyway, Kyuhyun joined SuJu later, and Hangeng is also a Chinese member, why can’t people accept these two, who are just as talented?

I guess what I’m mainly trying to say is that I think Kibum is still pretty important, and that I hope Zhou Mi and Henry get accepted too. Why can’t we all just be happy and get along? XD

Well. who knows what happens behind the closed doors of SMEnt… I agree, it would be great if Zhou Mi and Henry became part of SuJu. But! i don’t think that leaving Kibum out is a good idea. Even if he didn’t do much for SuJu, he is still part of it. If, SMEnt will kick Kibum out (even though he isn’t much important part of SuJu) and take Zhou Mi and Henry in, there is going to be so much fuss! Zhou Mi and Henry are going to be blamed for Kibum’s leave. Most of the fans probably will forget about Kibum’s “temporary leave” since 2008, and there probably will be so many haters of Chinese guys.
So, 14 works greatly for me smile And even with leaves and adds, there’s no way for SuJu 13, since Hangeng left SuJu for good…

i love every member of SuJu, but i can’t disagree that Kibum really hasnt done much to contribute to SuJu. i know he left to pursue his acting careers , but seriously i’ve always wondered why havent i heard any news of him being in a drama/movie until recently? siwon has been in more than like 2 dramas and he is still in SUJU, i dont see the reason why Kibum would need ‘leave for awhile’
If henry and zhoumi would be added to the main group that’d be awesome! they all love and support each other, i don’t see why ELFs would be against it. Henry is probably the biggest fan of SUJU, he’s always cheering them on and stuff. [of course we all do that lol] plus they really are really talented. maybe they deserve more to be a SJ member than Kibum, but im xure we still hope for Kibum to come back right?

jenniturtle - 09/04/11 8:32 pm

I totally agree. I like the idea of 13, but 15 works just as fine for me. Heck, I even accept Zhoumi and Henry more than Kibum. I mean, we haven’t seen much of Kibum’s drama career boom after he left Suju. And what the heck, Siwon can make time for Suju and Kibum just couldn’t. It really annoys me.

And well about the Hyuk and Minnie added to SujuM, I think it’s easier to go from member to sub rather than sub to main. It makes sense if a sub group adds people but not really if a sub group member joins the original.

What ever happens, I’ll always stand by Super Junior. 15 or 13 I don’t care. If they are a member of Suju, then I will support them. If Henry has a violin concert in Canada, I’ll go. If Zhoumi acts in a Chinese drama, I’ll watch. If any member’s wedding is opened to public, I’ll be there. It’s just how ELFs and Suju works.

i totally agree, ESPECIALLY for Siwon’s vs Kibum’s contribution (coughdedicationcough) to SJ in terms of acting/singing time. heck, LeaderSshi is in a GAZILLION of TVshows, yet he still continues to be the coolest hyung ever to SJ (YES, to MiMi and Henry TOO). Heechul (tvshows, radio, occasional MC) supports those two and he proved his stand veeery early on. Siwon’s drama is now counting up to more than three, yet he is STILL promoting with his fellow members (Athena = Perfection, Poseidon = 5jib, anyone?)Yesung is busy with OSTs, Kyu n Wook n Minnie with musicals, Dongie and Hyukkie in another strings of radios and tv shows (did I left anyone out?) even Henry contributed as lyricist w Teukie once, n he’s still a student for god’s sake, MiMi contributes lyrics to kangta, hosts KI and whatnot.... even Kangin can be seen performing and making his brothers proud in army gigs. and still EVERYONE is still not as busy as Kibum as not to show up even for MAIN ALBUM promotions. well, no offense; this might hurt some people, but the truth always hurts. anyway, now that kibum has one drama in the making, surely he can be BACK with his fellow brothers, but sorry to be disappointed, but WHERE is he???
all this facts make it ridiculous why only13 cant get over their butthurt and open up to MiMi and Henry. cant blame SM now, they’re subtly promoting MiMochi WITH SJ already (Perfection in SJ Mr Simple, with their ORIGINAL voices; Zhoumimi as DC and another concert co-MC w/ hyukkie, henry in Strong Heart). MiMochi are NOT replacements, they are just as good as their fellow brothers. no harm’s done if they are to be added to main Suju, if not suju will be more stable in the absence of Kangin, Heechul, and later teukie. ah well, suju15, fighting!!

I Love Henry and Zhoumi
And I think it would be really good if they became part of the main group ^^
They have a lot of talents and their personalities are really nice <3

And in my opinion these “Only13 ELFs” are not Real ELFs =/

Anyway, I hope all fans of SuJu can support and love the 15 Forever (:

is there still people who go on with the 13 members only campaign?? i didn’t know that~

and i agree with most of your points~ henry and zhoumi are no doubt more talented than some of original SJ members and the fact they are not the part of the main group is disappointing. while kibum has always being MIA for his acting career but i don’t remember anything on him in any dramas since Sorry Sorry promotion. no offence for kibum’s fans but sometimes i forgot he’s a part of SJ.

but still, those 3 will always be Super Junior. that’s what a true ELF would believe. let’s hope Henry and Zhoumi will be a part of the main group and Kibum can back in action as a singer of SJ. ^__^

I honestly want Henry and Mimi to be part of SJ… not just SJ-M but we all know how complicated that will get—like, ONLY 13 ELF would cause a riot again. We don’t want that. I don’t think the boys would either.

Same goes for Bummie. If SM Ent takes him off SJ, ELF would cause a riot. We don’t want that, right? The boys surely won’t either. Didn’t we see how much they love each other prior to “Sorry, Sorry”? They’re one family.

Taking off Bummie just because he went MIA is like taking of Kangin-oppa just because he did something wrong in the past. :|

I agree with you Ngoc but just in the part where ‘Only 13’ fans should accept Zhoumi and Henry. They really deserve it but I don’t agree with you with the kibum thing haha yeah, because I’m biased. He also did worked hard for Super Junior. In fact, he said his acting stuffs is part of his activities in Suju smile

to be honest, i like Zhou and Henry but I hate it when you degraded Ki bum (no hard feeling)I understand, Zhou and Henry should be considered as Super Junior NOT Super Junior M! but to be honest, on one can replace the members that temporary or permanently left

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