SNSD’s Jessica has made one very sexy transformation from cute Ice Princess to hot Ice Princess. Wait, ice and hot together is an oxymoron. Well, Jessica did make it possible.

The most noticeable part of the photoshoot, besides her mature, elegant style, was her heavy eye make-up. In each picture of the photoshoot, it seems that you’ll be drawn first to her eyes, especially when most of the eye make-up is under her eye.

My favorite shot of the photoshoot? Where she’s crying. A picture is worth a 1000 words. And wow. She looks gorgeous.

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she looks so pretty ~ and no one other than jessica can pull off the sexy look so wonderfully ~
she looks amazing on this cover .. i love her green top ~ makes the look even more impressive ~
they all actually look pretty awesome ~

thanks for sharing the photos Emily ^^ ~

Sic is so pretty!! <3

She is so beautiful! I’m really liking the cover picture of her! ^^

Sexy is not what I would call the shoot (just the cover photo).  I am not liking that thick line of eyeliner/eye makeup.  Interesting photos though. Some I like and some I don’t.

omg these pictures are so amazing smile <3

wow she looks so different!

The mascara is really heavy lol but the picture of her crying and the cover are the best. 

She looks amazing in these photos.

she’s sexy ^^

the 5th one is very emotional~

Wow, the makeup looks so amazing! My favorite pics are 3, 4, and 5!

she’s so pretty & mature

Jessica looks beautiful, and I love the makeup in this shoot <3 The Ceci magazine shoots are all cool. c:

love it. :3

so pretty :D

Cool! I like the outfit!

I love the photos!

CeCi...Super Junior was on this magazine before! Right? xD
Wow...look at her! That’s Jessica? So matured looking~
Can’t decide which picture I like best...they’re all nice.
What...she’s crying? Picture’s taking too long to load~
Thanks for sharing!

love the photos!! 

these pictures look beautiful!! i don’t like the cover pic that much but other are great!!

Oh, not bad… thanks for sharing!

Wow she looks so pretty!  I think my favorite is the one with the plastic covered couch smile

Interesting photos. She looks a bit different. Kinda, at least~

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