Let’s face it, when you first got into KPOP, you probably tried to find your favorite group. Which, actually, wasn’t so hard because there are so many groups to choose from. The hard part? It was to figure out each member’s name and who was who, and of course, the larger the group, the harder it was to differentiate one another. Then we have what I like to call the face of the group. The first member in the group that you’re most likely to remember. The one that you would associate the group with. The one who is seen predominantly in the middle, talked about the most, shows their face a lot, featured a lot on variety shows, does crazy antics, and so forth. And that’s how you know the group. So let’s see which female idols were the first one you knew of in each group thanks to their exposure.

(Disclaimer: I arbitrarily gave them rankings.)

10. SECRET’s Sunhwa
The maknae of SECRET, Sunhwa has been lauded for her beauty and her forthright, vibrant personality. Not only that, but when she first debuted, it was hotly debated whether she had purposely dumbed herself down or not on a radio show. Seems like she’s getting those criticisms no more!

9. T-ara’s Jiyeon
Also the respective maknae for her group, Jiyeon has seemingly had the most exposure within her group. Before her official debut, she appeared in several SMART CFs alongside KPOP group SHINee and was the first member of T-ara to make her singing debut. She is currently one of the MCs for music show Music Core and has acted in several dramas and movies.

8. Wonder Girls’ Sohee
Sohee is known for having quite the baby face within her group and no wonder too. Her cute smile and baby cheeks have earned her the admiration of many, most notably Super Junior’s Heechul. She is known for being stony and cold, but takes some time to warm up to you. And she has been named the most mature within her group, despite being the maknae.

7. After School’s UEE
Finally. No maknae featured in this one! UEE has a slim, long, slender figure and a height of 172cm (roughly 5′8″), which has earned her much awe and praise and even the nickname of “honey thighs”. She has starred in dramas and many a CF. However, thanks to her known slender figure, she is easily a target for netizens whenever they suspect weight gains.

6. 4minute’s Hyuna
Hyuna, the fierce and charismatic rapper of 4minute. She claims that she isn’t trying to be sexy on stage but nearly everything she does screams sexy, which isn’t a bad thing because that makes her more known, if only for the not-so-good reasons. And with her second single, Bubble Pop, and subsequent viral MV, it looks like she has made herself a bit more famous.

5. miss A’s Suzy
As the maknae of miss A, Suzy has naturally gained much attention thanks to her clear singing voice and beautiful face. Her beauty makes her quite the envy of some of her female peers, despite the fact that she’s only 16 (soon to be 17). She took on the leading role of Hyemi in Dream High earlier this year and has gained more fans. Even her recent photoshoots have been quite breathtaking as she has looked both innocent and mature.

4. KARA’s Goo Hara
Goo Hara is the doll of KPOP. There’s really no doubt about it. Slim figure, tiny waist (ant waist!), small face, big round eyes, porcelain white skin. This girl has it all. It’s no wonder that she’s widely talked about within her group and outside her group. She may irk the jealousy of others, but hey, not much she can do about it. If you want, blame her good genes?

3. f(x)’s Sulli
Sulli was a child actress before her official debut into the KPOP world, but her acting was positively received by critics. Not only that, but her sweet, innocent face has earned her many cameos in KPOP groups’ performances on music shows. That girl is so loved by quite a few people. Can you blame her? Even her eye smile makes you want to smile! Ok, that sounded cheesy.

2. 2NE1’s Dara
Dara, Dara, Dara. Ok, everyone in 2NE1 is pretty unique and stands out on their own. Which I really can’t do much about and so it was hard choosing. But Dara is known for her eccentric, quirky, funny sense of humor and personality. Have you seen her hairstyle? I mean, you can’t ignore the fact that her outrageous hairstyles make her pretty memorable and recognizable. And the fact that she looks young despite being over a quarter of a century old.

1. SNSD’s Yoona
I don’t think this one is a biggie. When I was first introduced to KPOP, or more like when I really got into it, Yoona was starring in her drama “Cinderella Man” with Kwon Sang Woo (whom I like to tell my uncle that they look alike and he denies). Yoona is a natural beauty and her features allowed me to recognize her first (and remember her first) when it came to SNSD. Ah, 9 members to remember. A little difficult for me. Oh and I guess it did help in the long run since I thought that Yoona, Yuri, and Seohyun looked like one another. Yoona has also been praised for her beauty and innocence. That and she’s been in quite a few SMTOWN MVs.

It does help finding that one member to help you out when you’re trying to associate faces and names to groups. These are my 10 picks for easily recognizable female faces within their respective groups. Were these the same girls that you first remembered when you got to know the groups? Or did someone else help you to remember? No matter - leave your comments below!

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When I was a KPop noob I kept mixing up Sohee and UEE lol

yoonaaa!! <3 As expected wink

awww they all looks so pretty
T-ara’s Jiyeon his face is so cute she looks more like a little cute girl .. and her smile is so gorgeous .. love her .. i think there’s not one photo of her that she looked less cute ... it’s like she doesn’t have to act ..it’s natural ..she is so recognizable indeed ~ ..
oh Afterschools’ Uee ~ i usually finds her so recognizable .. but i don’t know why in this photo of hers i didn’t recognize her O.o .. she looked more like sooyoung to me .. haha ..
but true her features are different ‘’ she is so pretty and of course with her rule in “you are beautiful” i doubt any one fails to recognize her ~ with her big pretty eyes ~ and long nice hair :D
ummm 4miutes hyunah .. i don’t know .. i don’t recognize her at times .. some times i even mix her with G.NA :$ ~ i don’y know why they both feels kinda the same to me may be ,.. i can’t get to differentiate the two of them ~ though they are kinda different when i compare them >< ~
omg Suzy s 16 O.o .. i thought she is way older ~ of course as hyimi she stands out now .. and her features are kinda easily recognized ..she looks cute but she also has this strong character feeling in her ~ i still can’t believe she is only 16 >< haha
Goo hara .it’s easy to recognize her ~ only if you can actually see her :D ~ she is so tiny ..
sulli the cutest of all f(x) ~ her smile is so innocent ~ but i would say amber is more recognizable than her ~ way more recognizable considering how she looks and how she is dressed like :D ~ i think all F(x) are recognizable ... except for luna may be ..
Dara ~ she can be easily recognized ..find the weirdest hairstyle .. easily :D that’s Dara haha .. she is adorable .. and very different all the time ~


bunniezwillrule - 09/20/11 5:15 pm
yayitsmercy - 09/20/11 3:19 pm

i agree with the top 8! i think boa should be on here too since she’s been in the industry for so long that people would recognize her face easily (: and hyori too! but other than that the list is great! thanks for sharing (:

OMGOSH I FORGOT ABOUT BOA!!! >< oh nu...i feel so bad :( im a bad fan T_T

hehe, the only problem is, BoA isn’t part of a KPOP group - she’s a soloist, so yeah, you would know her more. If she were part of a KPOP group, I would’ve listed her. wink hehe.


I totally agree with all of these!! :D

Dara, Hyuna, Suzy, Uee, and Yoona are gorgeous
keke.... they’re all very beautiful
but these are the main ones i know
amazing ^_^

i think for f(x) is krystal.. huhu .. my opinion~

yep.. it’s yoona… and jiyeon~~ agree~

i agree with this list!

for me dara of 2ne1 is suppose to be the first one she so pretty fighting 2ne1

I agree with these. smile

yayitsmercy - 09/20/11 3:19 pm

i agree with the top 8! i think boa should be on here too since she’s been in the industry for so long that people would recognize her face easily (: and hyori too! but other than that the list is great! thanks for sharing (:

OMGOSH I FORGOT ABOUT BOA!!! >< oh nu...i feel so bad :( im a bad fan T_T

this is so true smile

omgsun - 09/20/11 3:37 pm

I agree with you smile
except when I think of T-ara, Eunjung is the first person to come in my mind :D

OMGOSH ME TOO!! LOLOL. might be the influence of dream high xD but jiyeon really is pretty smile

i agree with everyone :D cept for jiyeon and sunhwa. cause i dont listen to those groups =x

I agree with you smile
except when I think of T-ara, Eunjung is the first person to come in my mind :D

i agree with the top 8! i think boa should be on here too since she’s been in the industry for so long that people would recognize her face easily (: and hyori too! but other than that the list is great! thanks for sharing (:

they’re all so pretty =3= my favorite is yoona~ even though i cant remember all the names of these girls, i do recognize their faces! ^^

i am choice yoona SNSD

first person that popped into my mind was Yoona! Well, she’s so pretty and I like her personality! but yeah, I agree with sohee.. actually, she’s the only wonder girls member I know raspberry

I agree with all besides Sunhwa and Jiyeon cuz they look just like any other girl group member :| But the others, yes definitely unique~ ♥

Yeah, I agree with you~ :3

I agree! When you think of these groups, you immediately think of these people!

I think f(x) victoria and amber should be here too. and SNSD Sunny! their face is easy to remember raspberry

1. SNSD’s Yoona
3. f(x)’s Sulli
5. miss A’s Suzy
9. T-ara’s Jiyeon

They are the best ! grin

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