The upcoming episode of SBS’s ‘Protect the Boss‘ will feature an explosive kiss scene between JYJ’s Jaejoong and Wang Jihye!

This is one of the best advantages to be the main actress of a drama, especially if you get to act with an idol. You get to kiss them! Though, it’s only acting. If I were the actress, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from kissing him!

Take a look at the scene here:

It does seem a bit awkward at first, then things started heating up…I have to admit that I’ve replayed the video over and over again. Can’t get enough of the kissing scene.

They were actually drinking milk, in this scene. The kiss started when Wang Jihye noticed a bit of milk on Jaejoong’s lips. Instead of wiping the milk, she pulled him for a kiss. Once the scene ended, they were given a round of applause from the producers.

Camera director Ahn Jaehyun commented, “This scene’s a bit funny if you look at it one way, but it’s a kiss scene that was the most direct and passionate out of all of the drama scenes I’ve filmed thus far. The two actors are quite amazing.”

Wang Jihye stated, “It’s a kiss shared in a drama, not in reality, so I hope that Jaejoong’s fans won’t misunderstand anything.”

Agreed. I hope Jaejoong’s fans won’t hate her for this. Feeling jealous is okay I guess, just don’t bash her.

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Just jealous.. not gonna hate. xD

awwwwwwwwww this is just ~ ...
i have never seen this side of jaejoong before ..
now he is being more attractive ..
and what a kiss . raspberry ~ it’s somuch better than the cold one in the car :D ~
i didn’t expect any kiss scenes of jaejoong on this drama ..
he didn’t have too since he is not the lead ..
but it’s still fun to look forward to this one haha ..looks really interesting .. and so passionate :D ~
i love the mu woon and na yeon couple so much ..
and it was really understandable to know that this all was na yeons imagination hahah ~ i wouldn’t help it to if i had such an attractive extremily handsome guy like jaejoong sitting on my kitchen :$ ~ he is too attractive it’s really unfair ~
but lucky actress who got to actually have this kiss with jaejoong .. i never thought about this before .. but she is making me really jealous >< ~

Paintworld - 09/22/11 1:25 am

okay… so Mickey kissed at sung kyun kwan scandal, Changmin kissed at Paradise Ranch, and now Jaejoong XD I understand how Cass felt

and yunho with go Ara in heading to the ground >< ~ it’s really painful raspberry ~ haha .. only junsu is the innocent one so far .. there were no kiss scenes on the musical ,right? .. umm i guess there was one :( ~ and junsu too ..

thanks for sharing this Melanie ^^ ~

ahh..i wanna that kiss too..<jealous>

aishh..jealousy again!!

she is so lucky;)
thanks for sharing!


very hot~~~~
thanks for sharing!

Nice kiss ^^

JEALOUS! smile No hating..just tiny-tiny bit, okay, a lot, jealous! ^^
hopefully this scene will get awarded, for all the girls’
Thanks for sharing^^

thanks for sharing

okay… so Mickey kissed at sung kyun kwan scandal, Changmin kissed at Paradise Ranch, and now Jaejoong XD I understand how Cass felt


GASP, i don’t even know how to respond to this. :O

NOOO!!!! I’m so jealous of her!!! But I won’t hate xD

Not hating but I am jealous. LOL.


hahaha lol cant resist jaejoong

lol i hope the fans won’t kill her for this…

She was like an animal!!!!

Umm...can i crop her out and put my face in?  JK!!!!

OMG!!! she attacked him! lol. so much steam can’t wait for the episode to come out.....

so jealous

KDRAMAS = beverage + kissing ? >:))

this reminds me of secret garden’s cappucino kiss..
keke, this korean peopLe,
do they aLL run out of tissues or they’re just too environmentaL and they end up using their Lips to wipe each other’s Lips? XD

but i admit that with these sweet scenes,
it’s reaLLy hard to get enough of. <3

omg Jaejoong looks so freaking good in that last picture *o*

sooooooo excited to watch it.. lol…

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