…Wait, what? Say what?! SNSD’s Taeyeon and Tiffany got into a fight recently. You be trolling, right?

Nah, not trolling. It’s a true story! You see, because we know that SNSD is a group full of close-knit girls, their bonds are pretty much familial. So really, it’s not all that shocking that these “sisters” would get into fights. The most recent occurred between Taeyeon and Tiffany during their Japanese tour. Taeyeon explained on Big Brothers, “While on our Japanese tour, there was a time when Tiffany and I fought to the point where we were yelling [at each other]. My feelings were so hurt that I eventually tried to cancel our duet stage that was scheduled for our concert the next day.”

On the same episode, Seohyun recalled a special friend she made during her trainee days and eventually began to cry after thinking of the good times.

Wow. Almost canceling your duet, Taeyeon? I wonder what the fight was all about. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing they patched up things!


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omo ~ this must have been pretty bad that they even wanted to cancel the duet >< ~
me too wonder what the fight was about ~ ..
but it’s only normal that they get to have such fights ..
they are living together .. i fight with my sister all the time ..
and they are more like sisters now .. than they are a co-workers or even friends ..
this kind of fights can only bring them closer together and more to understand each other ..
awwww seohyun cried ..she seems like a pretty strong character ..
must be really touching .. i want to see this episode >< ~ ..
looks pretty sad.. fights and tear :(~
i’m glad everything is fine now ~

thanks for sharing this Emily ^^ ~

two of my favorites fight??good thing they are okay now!

omgsun - 09/22/11 10:50 am

yeah it’s pretty normal that close friends do fight sometimes :D

yes, thats true! haha:D

yeah it’s pretty normal that close friends do fight sometimes :D

Taeyii - 09/22/11 7:55 am

fights make the closest of friends even closer! <3

True, true. raspberry At least, that’s over. XD

fights make the closest of friends even closer! <3

Aww TaeNy fought over something so little called ‘indigestion’. Aigoo, these two.
I’m glad that they made up in the end. They even ended up crying while embracing each other. I’m sure this will make their relationship stronger. ^^

TaeNy, I admire your beautiful friendship/love. So don’t let this ruin your relationship, k? <3 Bestfriends forever! Hwaiting!

Thanks for sharing btw! :D

it s sad -_-! But I think it s normal to have fights since they live with each other! I m sure this will make them more close to each other

seems bad coz she almost cncl the duet… hwaiting taeny..
seohyun she is sweet.. where can i watch ‘ big brothers’ ? really wanna watch it.. 

aww, members are bound to fight. hope they made up~
TaeNy !! <33

thats kinda sad but at least it was resolved before the stage!

best friends fought and become closer , they fight then that means they are so close and not hiding anything between them , this is a good sign ...

Aww, hope they gain a closer friendship through this fight O:

only best friend do fight ;D

Fights are normal when you live with someone and is always with them, I’m glad they made up. smile

Fights happen, it’s normal, but I’m glad that they fixed things!

i could careless. they should put their fans first no matter what unless its health related or could damage their current career standing. without their fans they would be nothing.

Fights happen all the time with those who live together and always see each other 24/7!

Fights are normal when people get so close.  Happy they worked everything out ;D

Really happy that they made up.

Aww, I’m glad these fights don’t last long, but they are very close so it’s understandable.

Fight happens. I’m sure they’ve settled things wisely smile

im glad they made up

LOL they argued over something so small.. but i guess that argument have made them even more closer

woah! I didn’t expect that they too had a fight. I wanna know the reason though. It’s also nice to know that they’re okay now ^^ Maybe it’s one of the tests on how strong their friendship is smile

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