Once again, upon hearing there were a few idols with their pets still missing, I decided to make a Part 3 to the blog. Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already!

K-pop idols these days not only just love their fans support but also their own pets too! Some idols are just so grateful of their pets support that they say thanks to them for their new album or something else. Hearing upon these situations, I just love to see my favorite idols with their pets! However, sometimes the pets plus, our favorite k-pop idols are just too cute that we can’t resist it!

(*There are no particular order in the post, they are just put there randomly*)

Check them out:

10. SHINee Taemin’s Dogs—Adam and Eve

SHINee’s adorable maknae is a father! Although he does have Key still, he also has his own children to protect! He has two dogs, Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, the pictures above are just Eve since I couldn’t really find any pictures of Adam. But if you find one, definitely check it out and see if its super cute like his own father! Furthermore, Taemin loves his dogs so much that he even thanked them for their love and support on one of SHINee’s albums!

9. SHINee Key—Coco

Another SHINee dog owner, other than Taemin and Jonghyun, KEY! Not only is he the “Mother” of Taemin but also his dog Coco! What do you think of this fantastic mother who raised both of them super well?

8. DBSK Changmin’s Dog—Mangdoong

Now, look at Changmin’s cute dog! It’s so cute, and I love the picture with Changmin kissing it! Too adorable!

7. DBSK Yunho’s Dog—Taepoong

Another DBSK/TVXQ dog! This time it’s Yunho’s dog named Taepoong. Just look at all the pictures, from when it was cute and small to when its big and strong!

6. JYJ Yoochun’s Dogs– Namu, Norae, and Harang

Say hello to JYJ Yoochun’s three dogs, Namu, Norae, and Harang. The first picture with the small, cute, and white dog is Namu. The brown and small one is Norae, and the last one is Harang, who is a little bigger than the other ones but still cute!

5. JYJ Junsu’s Cats and Dogs—Bakira, Leo, Leon, Shadow, Shaki, and Tigger

Wow, Junsu sure does have a lot of cats! The first one is Bakira in the first picture. The second one is Leo who is in the second one. The third one is Leon, and the fourth one is Shadow. The next one is a dog who is named Shaki, and the last cat is Tigger.

4. KARA Hara’s Dog—Ang-ie

Aww what a cute little doggie! Just like it’s owner, it is so doll-like!

3. KARA Gyuri’s Dog—KingKang

Wow, I actually think that Gyuri and her dog seem pretty similar! They both look like goddess!

2. KARA Nicole’s Dogs—Mocha and Chino

So cute! I think they are twins by the look of the picture! What do you think?

1. KARA Seungyeon’s Hedgehogs—Wonie and Sungie

Another idol with an totally interesting pet! KARA’s fake maknae, Seungyeon’s pets are Hedgehogs! The first one that is a little bigger is named Wonie, and the second one that is a bit smaller is Sungie! Check out the cute video of them under! It’s so cute, especially when Sungie was I think trying to cutely punch someone?

What do you think of all these pets?

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Scrolling down...I was like ohhh! cute dogs!!! <3 Oh there’s a cat too!! *scrolling down* Wait, a hedgehog?! =))
I love DBSK’s dogs!!! ALL OF THEM. I just wanna steal them. Those pets are soooo lucky to have such WONDERFUL owners!
Hedgehog as a pet is cute as well! Very unique! 

all of them are cute.. i want them all especially MOCHA, ANG-IE, LEO, SHAKI, NAMU, and NORAE…

Not be offensive or anything but i HATE Cats .... Not an animal person but COCO is Cutee xD

Taemin is too cute. <3 Key and Coco are so kyaa.~ I want Yunho’s dog! And wow, Junsu is a big animal lover. :O

so cute ~ taemin’s adam and eve ~ first time seeing both .. they look kinda similar . ..taemin looks so cute with them and so caring .. they way he holds them shows how much love he has for both ~
and i so love key’s coco .. so attractive .. looking all black~ shinny and handsome ..
changmin’s mangdoong is the cutest ~ mangdoong is the complete opposite of what you would expect from changmin :D haha ..but so adorable ..
i never saw this caring and loving side of changmin with anyone before .. he is always so evil and not interested ... but with mangdoong he is the most loving .. i love how he holds mangdoong ... and mangdoong character is pretty similar to changmin’s :D ~ not because mangdoong is so small it can be so easy and innocent .. mangdoong is really loud ~so rude and fearless toward the other members huge dogs :D haha on this part mangdoong is so changmin like ~
Taepoong a very handsome dog ~ and a very handsome owner ..they both look so strong and daring .. i love Taepoong .. i never saw the baby photos before .. but it shows how cute and innocent Taepoong was like as a child before getting to be so strong and attractive ~ just like the owner ~ .. the perfect pet -more like a matching friend- for Yunho ~ they look so good together .. love their photo in bed .. yunho is so full of love ~ dogs or children he is a magnet ..
harang looks so much like Taepoong i got them confused at times .. yoochun loves dogs so much .. but still 3 is a bit too many ..and hard to take care of them with his busy schedule ~ they still look good together :D
i think Shaki is getting less love now with all the cats around taking all the attention now ~ must be a very hard time for shaki >< ~ ..the cats look so cute .. his new found fond of cats really knows no limit ..love when he tweets always about how much he misses and love his cats ~ and their photos ..so cute
king-kang looks so unreal .. i saw an exact same toy before .. so cute ..
LOL at Seungyeon’s Hedgehogs ~ and she didn’t get just one .. she even got two .. weird interest :D haha ..but a unique cute one ..

Junsu has so many pets :O

Seungyon’s hedgehogs are interesting!!
I always loved Changmin’s Mangdoong <333

so cute
love the name mocha and chino

They’re all so cute!!

ahah the video was so adorable x)
and these all are so darn cute!!!! :’)

So much cuteness in one post. =w=

Seungyeons pet is the best all you see is everyone with dogs and then some cats. But then you see a hedgehog haha that’s amazing

all cute!!!!!! Adam and Eve and Coco xD hedgehog o.0

The hedgehog is the cutest, punching like that lol <3

so cute <3 I love them all ^.^

Junsu’s and Changmin’s dogs !! so adorable

waaa, I want Junsus cats! especially shadow *--* so cute and fluffy X3 but even though I love cats, I like all the animals here :D <3 thx for this post ~

Taepoong is just look like his master...cute when young and tough when a bit older...still, he is cute XD

love all the pets smile

I never knew hedgehogs could be so small, they are so cute. I WANT ONE!

And Yunho & KARA’s pets are very cute too smile

Key is the ‘mother’ of 2 children -> Coco & Taemin smile
Taemin is the ‘mother’ of 2 children -> Adam & Eve smile
That means Key is the ‘grandmother’ of Adam & Eve ♥

Hara’s dog is soooo cute! <3 Love the hedgehogs too :D

LOL awww huskies! and hedgehogs so cute!

SHINee plus dogs= @___@ *DIES OF CUTENESS* Bonus: Anyone notice key and taem’s arms? wink) X3

Aww as I was scrolling down to see the pictures I just kept going Awww! lol They are all so cute and it’s always so cool to see them love their animals (:

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