Recently, Actress Shin Eun Kyung has been undergoing corrective jaw surgery. Luckily she was able appear on a talk show for the first time in four years.

On September 23rd, ‘Actress House 2′ was aired with Shin Eun Kyung. Many viewers have been giving much attention on the set thanks to her outgoing honesty and new found beauty.

Shin Eun Kyung came to the set with a pair of comfortable and sporty clothes. After being noted about her resemblance to SNSD’s Yoona she stated, “I feel very thankful for such compliments. I’ve been getting many calls from people saying that I look very pretty.”

I personally think that Shin Eun Kyung herself is really pretty, but her looking alike to Yoona, I just can’t see it. However, maybe it’s just because Yoona is my bias in SNSD that I think they don’t look alike. So what do you guys think? Do you think she looks like Yoona?


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she doesnt really look like yoona at all.... lol

A Lot Of Ppl Look Like Yoona .. 

i don’t see any resemblance ..i’m sorry!

HAHAHA. Isn’t Yoona overrated? 

Ehhh she really doesn’t look like her. Haha but she’s pretty.

I can’t see it either.. I mean that she looks like Yoona :o
beautiful she is thought :D

honestly, not at all!!
she look old n her face is kinda fat!! how old is she? she look like a mom

i dont really see the similarity..

she doesnt?!

She is pretty but she doesn’t resemble Yoona at all. 

Possibly looking like an older Yoona...but I wish she’d get praise for looking beautiful and LIKE HERSELF.

I think that it’s kinda sad how she’s been “receiving praise” for looking like someone else… immean she’s pretty on her own, but getting compliments like “hey you look like her! so pretty!” is like saying she’s ONLY pretty because she resembles yoona. sad :/

i guess the resemblance comes from the mouth, eyes, face shape and hair? 

I don’t get how she looks like Yoona either O_o

I don’t see it. She doesn’t look like Yoona. Can’t believe she got jaw surgery to make her jaw smaller.

i dont see how they look alike

I don’t see it =/

She’s pretty, but I don’t see her resemblance to Yoona.

well chukae yo and hwaitting ! though it’s not so good to be told you similar to someone that more popular than you, like telling you haven;t do enough --”

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