There are so many short idols we love, who I’m going to list now and it shouldn’t be all that surprising because they are Asian! The mean for height in Asia is not that big even through we do have really tall sexy idols. Aside from sexy idols, short idols are more cute. Almost all girl groups are really short but I’m just going to name the shortest ones amongst them. Even through SNSD seems really tall, I guess judging from their beautiful long legs, they really aren’t! These short people to tell the truth make me feel better because I’m really short too. Now going into the list, there’s couple of boys but mostly girls.

SNSD - Sunny. She is about 5′ 1″ (155cm) and in my opinion the most adorable member of snsd! In her profile it does say she is 158cm but she told everyone in one show she is actually 155.

SNSD - Taeyeon. 5′3″ (160cm) I like her a lot and she doesn’t really look that much taller than Sunny but I guess they are all short so not that much difference.

BoA - She is 5′3″ (160cm) She is so small compared to TVXQ and JYJ lol

2NE1 - Minji. She is 5’3” (161cm) She is only exception to the cute looks, not in a bad way it’s just she looks really cool!

Beast - Gikwang. 5′6.5″ (170cm) He is really short compared to average height of other boy idols but his hotness+cuteness really makes up for it.

Teen Top - L.joe. 5’7” (171cm) His height seems totally ok, but I included him here because he was the shortest boy after Gikwang.

SNSD - Hyoyeon. 5’3” (160cm) Another SNSD shortie who we really love. I could have sworn she looked really tall in Gee but guess it was the heels and my imagination.

T-ara - Boram. She is 5′1″ (155cm) and at first her profile showed that she was 10 cm more than for real but I’m glad they changed it because I still love them and she is amazing so truth is always better.

Miss A - Min. She is as tall as Boa at 5′3″ (161cm). Her legs look long and beautiful even through she is so short!

Song Hye Kyo - She is 5′3 (161cm). I think she is really beautiful and she plays in Full House with Rain. I really loved her in that drama too!

Does anyone have “I’m not short, I’m fun sized” pin?

Who else is really short?

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Ryeowook should b on the list..
He is just so small and cute.. :D

woooowww.... i think Yoseob should be on the list too… lol..he just looks short.

weird that im the same height as Sunny and Boram and im 15… XD hahahaha

dara always looks shorter than minji...wonder what’s her height?

Most of them was a surprise to me..Especially Gikwang.He`s so HOT but Short:) I`m only 165 cm and I thought that he much more taller than me..but he only 5cm taller:) I don`t feel so short anymore:)

I didn’t know Hyoyeon is that short!… Boa looks really small xD She’s so cute!!

Jiyeon’s shorter than Gikwang and Ljoe....she’s 167 cm :D

Ohgod… I’m taller than all of them.. 176cm… I always wanted to be shorter!
Thanks for sharing… ^^

I’m only 157cm :O they actually all look generally tall i guess haha

I’m 162cm tall..... I wish i could be 170cm, but i like the I’m not too short, I’m fun sized phrase ^^ Makes me think it’s ok to be short. Loved the article!! Thanks for sharing smile

Short people are attractive xD LOL

Narsha is only 157 cm. ;p <3

Oh my gosh, I’m like 5’1” and well, i guess compared the tvxy and jyj i would look even shorter! but hey i totally have the shirt of i’m not short i’m fun sized~! lolz.

I didn’t know that SNSD girls are short!! Now, I don’t mind being short anymore!

YESSSSS i dont feel short anymore lol! raspberry smile)))) this made my day THANK YOU

WHOO...I dont feel so short!!!! ^_^ lolz im the same height as BoA!

Chu forgotted Kim Jonghyun oppa of SHINee XD He’s 173 cm - 5’6” (shorter than L. Joey <3)

I’m taller than most people my age (and about as tall as normal adults), and when I wear the “I’m not short, I’m just fun-sized” shirt, I can feel people staring at me and I feel awkward. lol.

im still shorter than them...oh but theyre all so cute and pretty!

the cutes’t leaving on earth taeyeon,,,sunny is over cute that i want to punch her,,

Im the same size as BoA, Min and the rest of the idols!! I couldn’t believe BoA was that short! She looks so tall in her videos. Anyways I love that these idols are as short. I used to tell pll that Im 5’4 but Im really 5’, Im gonna rock my shortness. Anyways, Im surprised Taeyang is on on this list,. 

:| i’m just the same height as them LOL 160cm smile)

jay park…

TaeYang? lol our favorite shortie

DARN! I was hoping I would find someone 4’11"(150cm)like me. Guess I have no chance of being a kpop star :/

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