The average height back in 2005 was a mere 160 CM, fast forward 6 years, and what’s the average height now? Well, let’s just say it’ll put even male idols to shame!

The tall idol group of the past was definitely LPG, whom had stunned the audience with their heights. Their tallest member had been 180 CM, with the next tallest following at a close 175 CM, with the average height of all existing idols to be 160 CM. However, it’s been 6 years since then, and the average has increased quite fairly.

Already in 2007, the average height of debuting girl groups was 163 CM; (Wonder Girls), 164cm (SNSD) and 161cm (Kara), succeeding in breaking the 160cm average.

However this year in 2011, the debuting rookies seem to have had a major growth spurt, for the girl groups Nine Muses, LPG 2, April Kiss, After School, Dal Shabet and RaNia have managed to get the average height up to 170cm with their average heights of 172cm, 170cm, 173cm, 168cm, 169cm, and 170cm, respectively.

Most of the girls end up as tall as 180 CM when wearing their heels. And it’s safe to say that male idols would definitely feel weak in height when it comes to these rookies!

Check out our list of tall idols, here.

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wow its risen alot!

They have all grown taller^^

There girls have seriously gotten taller! >.<

Wow, the average has risen by a lot over these past years :O

lol too tall its sorta scary LOL

Wow! They’re really tall. I feel so short now >.<

jealous of their tallness right there, I bet Kikwang is hiding from them hehe smile

So tall!!! jealous!!!

Eh, compared to them I’m not that bad off, I’m 168cm. But somehow I’m not really surprised to see a trend of tall girl groups. 

im really really jealous :(..

Wow. I’m really jealous. T^T Haha. XD

wow they are so tall!! and I’m so short -.- xD lol

Woah! I think theres more room in the business for tall girls since its more socially acceptable for women to be tall, independent dominant and sexy! raspberry Taller asian girls have it hard cuz asian guys are shorter so good for them :D

thats good news~

woooow, how did they get so tall?? D: they must teach me their ways… i’m only 155 cm -_-

they boys should be worried lol

I feel so short at my 5’3 height...-.- XD

They have long legs, and they’re really tall and slim. >.<

WOW :O Why so tall for?? I feel short now :/ Well always felt short ahah! Wish I was tall as them! :’(

Geez… I’m so short compared to them

omg why are they so tall.... I think 160-165 is pretty average for girls, but 170+? wow o.o

Wow, so tall! I’m sort of average height!

Hehe i’m blessed with tall genes, i’m 170cm without heels. :D

I’m not that mad because I’m about 168-169 cm. But 180 cm? Wow… That’s really tall..

So tall… I wish I was just a couple inches taller :(

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