Being a celebrity is not an easy job. Wherever you go, there will be fans following you around taking pictures without you noticing. But then again, it’s thanks to these stalker photographers that we get the latest updates on our favorite idols.

Some random netizen uploaded a photo of Big Bang’s G-Dragon on an online community forum posing like a model at an airport in Singapore. The photo came with a caption that reads, “Big Bang’s G-Dragon, is this your first time at an airport?”

As you can see in the photo, G-Dragon seemed to be squatting down and posing for the camera. Living up to his celebrity fashionista title, G-Dragon’s unique style and pose gathered the attention of many fans who commented, “He definitely has that celebrity pose”, “As expected, the fashionista!”, “The naive kid GD”, and “I’m more surprised at the person who shot this photo”.

I can’t tell whether it’s really him or not though, since the photo isn’t clear.

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omgsun - 09/29/11 10:30 am

ahaha cute if its hime <3 :D

him xD I mean :D

Is it really him? :O

ahaha cute if its hime <3 :D

I can’t tell if it’s really him… It would be really cute if it is him, though.

LOL well if it is him, that’s pretty cool. But I’d say it is him, because I could recognize G-Dragon a mile away! But cameras aren’t clear when they are so far.

Is it really him? o.O

is that really him? seems like him to do that though…
wonder who’s taking the picture of him

i can’t recognize if it is really g.dragon.....

I bet it is him lol

FROGGY! Wonder if it’s really him...?

are you sure its him?? i dont recognize,,, :(

too much hair to be GD but i guess it might be him xD

hahahahah Wanna see the pic that was taken by the photographer! 

Can’t tell too if it really is him. 

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