Kim Kyu Jong is the last member of SS501 to go solo and his solo debut mini-album “Turn Me On” is finally here! Contrary to his stunning concept pictures, Kyu Jong exudes an aura and charm of manliness and suaveness. His song “Yesterday” is beautifully sung, but what about the MV?

The music video. Angsty music video. I like. The music video talks about a man whose love has ended. It seems they’re both actors who met on He yearns for the girl, only to be coldly rejected. He tries to get her back, to no avail. He wants things to go back to how they were but the girl wants to hear none of it. Throughout the entire music video, Kyu Jong is chasing after the girl and he keeps trying to figure out where and why it all went wrong.

The dance/choreography. That suspender choreography is kinda hot. It’s borderline teasing because you know, dancing with the suspender straps teases. Greatly. Though it does remind me of 2PM’s necktie dance from “I’m Your Man”. Don’t ask me which one is hotter because they’re two different dances with two different pieces of clothing. The main part of his dance is the suspender dance, so watching this live will probably be quite interesting.

The song. Kyu Jong has a wonderful voice, but I feel like he had to compensate a little more for the melody part. I do like the song, though. It sort reminds me of Kim Hyun Joong’s “Please”. Perhaps it’s that somewhat raspy voice with the R&B sound flowing through. At any rate, the song lyrics and the MV matched pretty well. And Kyu Jong did a fine job expressing his emotions.

Thoughts. With the last solo debut from SS501, I must confess - each member did a fine job with their solo debut MVs. I’m impressed. Each member showed that he has the abilities to go solo. Though it is quite interesting to note that only Kim Hyung Joon went more for a pop dance track while every other member went for a more angsty R&B song (should I lump Kim Hyun Joong’s song in this? I mean, he did come out with “Please”, but “Break Down” was his title track but…). I really like Kyu Jong’s MV. As the last member to go solo, there is a bit more pressure as well because for me, I was hoping there to be completeness. And I did get it and this will most likely be one of most played songs of the year. And within the MV, everything did flow together. The song is beautiful, the choreography interesting. Oh, and add a hot guy to the mix. One of your winning formulas for a good song.

Overall Rating. 5/5

What did you think of the MV?

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I never thought suspenders could be so sexy until I saw this dance. :F
I love the raspy tone of his voice. It just adds something to his singing that I had never noticed before. I’m glad all of SS501 are doing a fantastic job with their solos.

SS501 is just so talented and they can all go solo :D

i agree with this article!!!
i really do!!!
kyu jong fighting!!!

i loved it!!!!!
kim kyu jong!!!!

Sounds good, looks good...but those pants...x.x

5/5 for the song..2/5 for those white and black pants

5/5! YAYYYY :D:D:D

5/5 from me too!  Loved every minute of it! smile

thank you for the review smile
I like the mv and love the song raspberry
liked the dance in it :D
5/5 from me :D

i loved it too!!! thanks for reviewing it :D

ty for the review!

I loved it! 5/5 as well. And of course, this song is amazing^^

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