Curious on which idol/actor/actress pairings have scored a spot on ‘We Got Married’? Read more to find out!

Just kidding! We don’t know which couples have been confirmed for the popular variety show, but neither does anybody else! (Except the cast and producers of ‘We Got Married’) The PD for the variety show has revealed that three couples have been confirmed for the show!

He stated, “Yes, three couples are confirmed, but I cannot reveal them at the moment. I know problems will arise if I reveal who they are, so I will wait until they actually start filming.”

It’s been said that even the artists cast don’t know who their partner will be for the show, because of the fact that the producers wanted the make their reactions at the first meet as realistic as possible.

Netizens are on the edge of their seats waiting for the new couples, and I have to say that I’m one included. I hope they’ll be wonderful couples to take place of the Adams and Khuntoria couples who have had to say their good-byes.