G-Dragon blew me away with his new idea to put Dragon Ball tattoo under his left shoulder right on top of his armpit. The pictures below were most likely taken on the set of his upcoming japanese mv with TOP “Oh Yeah”. The tattoo totally matches his name! They both include “dragon”. I think I’m pretty much getting used to him with shaved head and you can even see little growth but I think he looks really cute like this.

The ladies are so lucky to pose with him….

(make sure you clicked the picture to enjoy it enlarged)

Let’s wish GD&TOP luck on their MV!

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hahahah coooool

Dayum he looks hot

his becoming picolo!! all he need is a green skin xD
love the new tattoo :]

GD would get a Dragon Ball wouldn’t he.  LOVE IT!!!

Oh. So it was a dragon ball. I couldn’t really tell at first.

i’m so jealous!

I love it!!!

What’s with him leaning forward so creepily? XD I like his new tattoo! :D

HAHA! GD is too funny. I like it. (:

I can barely see it...-_- is it in color? [lol, thinking of dragon ball z] :D

OOooooooooo He is so HOT

I don’t think it looks too good :/

love the tattoo but wish he got it somewhere else lol, its so random at that spot. i was actually kinda hoping he would get something that had to do with dragon ball X)

don’t really like the tatooo… so yeah…

he has so many now! 

omfg lucky girls!!!

hmm can’t see the tattoo clearly..
but it sounds cool smile
GD is soo cute :D <3

Another tattoo? Cool, but too many tattoos can be a little eh. Especially when one get’s older. But I support him^^;

wow, don´t know if i should like it^^ but if he likes it, it´s ok for me, cause it´s his own choice smile

what ?? another tattoo ,..
he just had a one on his arm recently >< ~
this is too much i guess ..i can’t see the tattoo clearly on the photo ..
so i don’t really know if it looks so good or not >< ~
but i don’t like tattoos in general ..so i don’t really need to see it to not like it :D ~ ..
and the places he chose for the tattoos are so weird too and it must have hurt so much having this one .. really weird .

thanks for sharing this Tamari ^^ ~ lucky ladies indeed ..

LOL GD you are such an adorable dork! XD

I love him but it’s kind of ugly /:

i dont really like it :(

Didn’t he just did a tattoo recently? xD Can’t really see the tattoo in the picture...too small~

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