When you think of Super Junior’s Heechul, what crosses your mind immediately? His handsome good looks? His scary 4D personality and his Chocoball fellows? Or maybe, his super amazing, beautiful face that makes a girl jealous? Well I suppose if you combine them all, you’d probably get a whole list of his awesome crossdressing moments that shows off his greatest inner Heechul that petals just love.

And with our Heechul going to the army these days and revealing some of his more manly sides, we’re definitely going to miss those HeeSica days. So well as a We-Miss-Heechul special, this is definitely something not to miss!

Now less talking, and more eye candies: (in no particular order)

1. MV of Super Junior - U

So maybe this one doesn’t really count, but Heechul’s beautiful, ponytail hairstyle really makes him look like some kind of anime girl character walking directly out the the television. To be honest, as an ELF myself, U was actually one of the first songs I’ve listened to, and Heechul had been one of my first favorite “female” idol…or that’s what I’ve thought.

In the MV, Heechul’s big eyes and beautiful features are shown flawlessly through his special hair style that he pulled off with ease. Heck, he even looks prettier than the pre-debut YoonA, who was supposed to be the pretty one in there (no offence but as beautiful as she is right now, she didn’t look that good back then).

2. HeeSica in Gee (Super Show 2)

BEST. PERFORMANCE. EVER. (of crossdressing, I mean) You can see almost the entire Super Junior in SNSD’s “Gee” clothes, in which Heechul–oh sorry, I mean Heesica had performed one of the best entertaining performance, especially with her big “BABO”…

(^if you didn’t say that…….well I suppose you didn’t really have to but like yeah…)

3. SulHee (SulChul?…something like that) in Chu~ (Super Show 2)

Sulli from f(x) is probably one of the big “victims” just like Jessica from SNSD had once been. Heechul had the EXACT SAME hair as Sulli did, and practiced her eye smiles until his eyelids like became inside out. So maybe he doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as when he’s Heesica, but his expressions and aegyo is a total 100000000% amazing. Not to hate on f(x) here, but Sulhee’s performance is a teeeensy weeeeensy funnier and more entertaining to watch (Don’t hate me. I’m an Aff(x)tionate as well.)

4. Lady Hee Hee

Heechul’s got almost everything nailed on this one. His hair, his makeup, his outfit…oh man geez this is plain Gaganess, except a lot prettier. So what if he didn’t sing? So what if I was really hoping he would take that jacket off and reveal more of his milky skin? So what if our Cinderella can now officially rule North American music legend’s clothing? Lady Hee Hee is just super amazing…


5. MV: Super Junior-T - Rokkugo

He really looks quite beautiful in Rokkugo…one of the prettiest crossdressing in my opinion. His hair is all elegant and with his big red coat, you won’t even know it’s a guy under that umbrella. And oh my gosh that wink and that smile…even I am all attracted, and I’m a girl. (not to mention our Teukie oppa)

^and yes that was necessary. Super aegyo to the max.

6. Goong T Parody

This is one of my favorite Super Junior dramas among the mini dramas and movies they had done. Sungmin is extreme b!tchy, Eunhyuk is such a handsome bad boy, Shindong is just a hilarious sidekick, Teukie is like, the amazing Prince that acts like Harry Potter once in awhile, and our Heechul is this hilarious but beautiful princess Jini.

I really love the entire thing. Heechul and Leeteuk really make such an amazing couple. They’re like…almost soulmates if you ditch Hangeng and Kangin. Heechul even has his voice change for our Teukie once in a while that just makes the crossdressing even more amazing. And I gotta tell ya, the fall from the second part is plain hilariousness.

7. Intimate Note - Heesica the ice princess/babo

Oh man, my BEST MEMORY OF HEECHUL lies here. He is beautiful, a big dumb babo, and is just so amazing and elegant in that red dress. BABO~ I don’t know how hard I laughed even when it’s the millionth time I have watched it. Hankyung really is the best stylist out there. The wig especially brings out Heesica’s beautiful facial features. And what can I say? This man is super beautiful. <3

^do not tell me you didn’t at least chuckle a little watching that thing.

Well, I suppose that’s it for now. There still are quite a few of his crossdressing moments, but these are the top 7 that I just LOVE. What do you guys think?

And this is just myself talking: I really really miss our Cinderella that is in the army right now…because it means that we won’t be able to see anymore Heechul’s amazing crossdressing and his 4D personality in TWO WHOLE YEARS. (Seriously Korea need to have some new army policies for idols. Like one year at a time or something. Especially how Heechul had been in an ACCIDENT..)


This blog post is part of the We Miss Heechul Giveaways Special.

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I miss him so much. He is so pretty! Go go, Heesica, Sulhee, Lady Hee Hee!

I love you heechul oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL !! he’s beautiful more than me ! TT
Hankyung !! XDDDD”


I miss him sooo much.... TT____TT
No twitter, no nothing. *Sobs*
I will miss he cross dressing and his cuteness. 

heechul is awesome!!! lmfao at the hankyung gif XD

LOL thanks for sharing!! ;D

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