As birthdays of Asian celebrities come and go, Ningin will be informing you each day just which Asian celebrity may it be idols, actors, actresses, comedians, etc, will be celebrating their birthdays on the corresponding days. Check out which Asian celebrities celebrate their birthday today (10/7) below.

Jung Yongjoo
aka Nicole. She is a member of the idol group KARA and her role is main rapper and main dancer. Nicole was born and raised in the U.S. so she is fluent in English. While in the U.S., Nicole was in the school choir, a drill team. Nicole also played the violin for four years and took dance classes. Nicole composed a lot of the rap lyrics for KARA’s songs. Nicole will be turning 20 years old today!

Park Sanghyun aka Cheondoong/Thunder. He is a member of the idol group MBLAQ and his role is lead rapper and lead dancer. Thunder moved to the Phillippines when he was younger and was raised there. The way he learned English was through watching English shows. Thunder knows how to play the violin and the piano. Thunder will be turning 21 years old today!

Know any other Asian celebrities celebrating their birthday today? Share them below!