Although just about every KPop idol has pierced ears, there are also idols with more than one piercing on their ears, as well as other bodily piercings. Since they are not the majority, it is very interesting to see the different piercings that Korean idols sport. Let’s get to the list!

10. Super Junior’s Ryeowook

Although Ryeowook doesn’t have a ton of piercings, he is known for having a chain that hangs from the top of his ear to his lobe. It’s kind of his signature earring, which gives him the number 10 spot.

9. SHINee’s Key

Key has quite a number of earrings on his ears, ranging from 2 on his lobe and 1 on the rook of his ear. Since he never overdoes how many earrings he wears, and he always has the most adorable earrings, he gets number 9!

8. f(x)’s Amber

As the first female to make the list, Amber really rocks the row of earrings that she always wears, from her lobe all the way to her helix.

7. Big Bang’s Taeyang

With a piercing on each ear, Taeyang doesn’t seem to be that outgoing, but it’s the piercing on his eyebrow that captures attention and gives him that “piercing” look!

6. SNSD’s Tiffany

Despite Tiffany’s cute outer appearance, her sparkly, interesting piercings give her an edginess that can’t be beaten. I especially like the piercing on her tragus (the part against your face just above your lobe).

5. SNSD’s Hyoyeon

With 14 piercings altogether, Hyoyeon is definitely one fierce, pierced girl! She always sports a covered ear, as well as a belly ring.

4. U-Kiss’ Eli

Eli definitely has to have one of the most unique piercings. He has one on his hand, between his thumb and his index finger! His ear piercings are also very interesting.

3. BoA

BoA has the ability to wear more jewelry on her ears than anywhere else and still look sophisticated. However, she can also give off a rough vibe with her belly ring.

2. miss A’s Jia

In our second spot is Jia, with her tough exterior blinged up with tons of piercings. Her ears have many holes, and so does her skinny belly. Also, in her younger days, she also sported a piercing just beneath her bottom lip.

1. JYJ’s Jaejoong

First place has to be reserved for Jaejoong. As one of the only men to experiment with earrings, a belly ring and a nipple ring, he deserves this number 1 spot. Plus, he just looks s beautiful with this piercings!

Do you guys have a favorite? Does Jaejoong deserve being number 1?

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Sungyeol also has alot of piercings. Its shows a lot in Infinite’s Infinitize pictures/wallpapers.

What about .... infinite’s Sungyeol!!!!??? kekekekke

.. the piercings look really cool, but i dont think i could stand the pain of putting multiple holes in my body.
loving amber and key’s piercings though <3

... most of the piercings are kind of gross

I love Hyoyeon’s piercings and I didn’t even know that Eli had a hand piering, that is a really unique place to have a piercing! 

Wow, Hyoyeon with 14 ? Amazing, she can definitely take pain ! 

What about Taeyon`s ear piercing? she have lots too.

I like Hyoyeon, Jia, and Eli’s piercings~
I would TOTALLY get Taeyeon’s ear piercings, though^^

Joongie will always be number 1! even if other idols have more, Jaejoong’s are creative, sexy and never looks intimidating! :D

Hmmm there are on other spots many other idols with more piercings than Jaejoong, he deserve the no.1 spor with his niple and belly piercings smile)

Yes...JaeJoong definitely deserves to be the top. The most I can get is two on each ears T_T Planning on getting another one but...I need to gather my courage, lol. Don’t know if I should see their piercings as ‘cool’...some freaks me out a bit.

doesn’t the hand piercing get in the way?

When I read the title I immediately thought of Key >.> Don’t know why though xP Well, he did get #9 spot raspberry ANd I also like Amber’s piercings XD

Jae’s piercings are just plain wierd while I really really like Boa’s

I really like Amber and Key’s piercings. Jaejoong’s belly ring and nipple piercing and Eli’s hand piercing? not too fond of it lol and won’t having a piercing on his hand hurt? 

i like the hyoyeon piercing , ~!

I really love Amber’s and Hyoyeon’s piercings ^^~

Eli’s hand piercing just made me wiggle and keyboard smash XD


Not really fond of piercings...maybe 2-3 piercings would be tolerable but more than that is just nuts. >.< and nipple piercing? not least for me. haha

love amber’s set - want it for myself keke ^^

suuch a cool post, since it showed piercings that i didn’t know they had XD
i wonder if they all kept all their piercings (;

i dont like piercing at the lip )=

Jaejoong has a belly ring?? O.o That man is such a rebel… First he drinks and drives, then he gets those tattoos, and now all these piercings!

the belly ring bothers me a lot >_<

the nipple ring too O___O

woww eli’s hand one.. oo.o and jaejoongs nipple and belly <3 o.o XD haha

O.O some of those piercings look like they would hurt !

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