Recently even since Super Junior announced that they will be having a Super Show 4, ELF’s from around the have become extremely excited! Many have already reserved the nearest seats at the concerts right when it came out!

The tickets were first sold in Seoul which started at October 13th through an online website. According to website, tickets sold out in just 8 minutes, some of the workers there even reported that it only took 180 seconds!

However, UK’s ‘One Direction’ still currently holds the record of selling all their concert tickets in just 10 seconds. Although Super Junior didn’t break their record, as a South Korean band, this was a huge achievement. In addition, they would also be able to be called the second band for highest ticket sale! That is still pretty high compared to all the bands/groups in the world!

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s SS4 ‘World Tour’ will be held on November 19th in Seoul.


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i hope that i can get tickets if they come to canada!!!

wow, hope i will get tickets for the one in germany, if they do one in germany ^^

wow! Thats really fast! xD

Woah! ELFs are amazing! XD

:( someone didn’t leave me even one?
no heart break though.. i’m too far.. :D
but i’m happy for our oppas!
ELF ching’us, do get me an autograph from Kyu-oppa or just a pic please! :D
kamsahamnida!!! <3

Wow! I’m still a student though, I’m not allowed to :(

YEAH.  And guess who DIDN’T get tickets?  This chick ㅠㅜ.  I was even on the site in the 8 minute time frame, I just wasn’t able to click confirm in the correct time frame because of my job.  I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of tears when I discovered the show had sold out.

That’s so darn fast.. I want one!!

I want to buy their tickets!!!

This only can happen only for SUPER JUNIOR!! Daebak!! =D

That is pretty dang fast o_o

I’m so proud of them ^^ (and the K-ELFs) I’m still hoping that I’ll be able to see SS4 in the states, but if location and my wallet does not permit, I can only hope that the US ELFs have a great time :/ But I’ll see them in one week at SMTOWN NYC, SO EXCITED! Suju hwaiting ^^

I know they are coming to the states. I just wonder where....

I hope they come to the states. I wonder if they’re coming to LA.. 

I’m waiting,I’m waiting for you...please come to VN one more...whatever it take,I’ll come to see you...wherever you are, I’ll come to hear you.

Super Junior is just amazing! I would love to see them come to the US even if I won’t be able to go. ^^

DAEBAK ! Super junior hwaiting !

super daebak!!

What sates will they be coming to in the U.S?
I really hope they come to Texas smile

woah now that’s amazing
hwaiting Super Junior oppas
hwaiting hwaiting hwaiting
ya’ll r amazing ^^

whoooooaaaa so amazing!! no surprise though raspberry
It’s SuJu Power!! :D SJ fighting!! ^O^
please come to Canada <3 Henry-oppa’s birth country ;D

Wow.... O.O That is freaking insane!!
I want to see them in the US. I hope I can get tickets competing with lightening-fingered buyers like these…

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