For weeks we’ve been hearing about this new boy group that singer Hwanhee has been training for their debut. Under the name, MYNAME, five boys are ready to take the stage and claim fans of their own. They’ll be debuting with “Message” on October 28th and now concept photos have been released!

These photos are definitely something. It looks like MYNAME is striving for anything but ordinary with their colorful neon shirts and makeup. MYNAME is comprised of five talented young men: Chaejin, Seyong, Gunwoo, Insoo, and JunQ. Knowing that their mentor is Hwanhee, these guys will definitely bring their A game.

Seyong’s red color contacts are hella creepy. Just sayin’.


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I like the sparkles ^^

Cool! Looking forward to this group! smile

they look kinda weird, but good! Chaejin fighting <3

The concept looks kinda weird to me. Good luck to them! XD

looks a bit weird.. but you never know! they could turn out to be awesome (:

Kinda creepy o.o ...

Anyways, good luck for their comeback smile

I have a feeling someone’s going to make a perverted comment about this....

they look a little..creepy

the one with the red eyes were surprising...but they worked ^^
looking forward to their debut! 

hmm I like these pictures :D
looks cool ;p

uh...a little creeped out.  lol

Can’t wait to hear ‘Message’!

Can’t wait to hear ‘Message’!

the 2nd and 4th guy look hot smile
but is that 4th guy wearing those naruto contacts xD?

whoa cool concept! ^^
such neon shirts >.< hurts my eyes XD
those red contacts are scary XD
looking forward to this!

Whoa! Interesting, albeit a tad bit creepy. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do.

the first one is a bit too weird for me =/

How cool! Interesting concept^^
I think he is not wearing “contacts”. His eyes look edited on a computer lol
But cool, they gave him Sharingan eyes xD

It looks scary but really cool! Cant wait!

I’m really excited for this debut. Lovely pictures!!

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