Earlier this month, cosmetics brand Etude House announced that 5-member KPOP group, SHINee, would be the new models for the brand and work alongside 2NE1’s Dara to promote the brand in Taiwan (it seems). Now, the first promotional picture of the group has surfaced.

It’s not entirely sure which products the boys will be endorsing, but they can be seen in the iconic purple, pink, and white get-ups that Etude House seems to love so much. They seem to be glowing in the light! Well, their faces at least. So shiny, SHINee. Shiny SHINee! Watch shiny shining SHINee shine!

Ok, Imma gonna stop with the alliterating play-on words.

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Only in Taiwan? T^T
I’m waiting to see their posters in the Etude stores here in Manila!
It’s still Dara for now..I hope there will be SHINee too!!
I’ll buy lots (goodbye allowance) ~XD

No pun intended? XDDDD

TheCatIsUmm - 10/26/11 12:26 am

The joke is lame but so funny XD

They’re seriously shining though haha

I tried to be as lame as possible (not really). Guess I was bored? ^-^

The joke is lame but so funny XD

They’re seriously shining though haha

WOW cool! Shiny SHINee is shining^^

They’re all so cute!~♥ & btw, why is JongKey & 2Min seperated? Hmm...they should be together while Onew pairs up with his wife, chicken XD

Hope to see more photos on this! smile
Shiny SHINee, keep shining brightly now, and in the shiny future!!! xD

SHINee is shiny. ^o^ This is cool; Etude House has some interesting products.

Isn’t Shinee supposed to look Shiny? xDD interesting post!

they’re so cute and SHINeeeeeeee <3 :D

awesome smile

im gonna look for them in etude when i visit korea next time.. hehe.. i mean their human size poster ^^

They do look shiny indeed. And cute. XD


OMG! I don’t really use Etude,
but telling Etude now that you’ll one more customer pop up now!
SHINee! the best! <3

so cute ^^

omgosh so beautiful *_* not shiny physically but in my eyes they’re all sparkly *_* [like how manga and anime make the characters all sparkly? :D]

Cool, so does that mean that SHINee will be doing CFs with Dara?
Haha lol at the title :D

such a pun XD shinee is very shiny~

they are so cute <3

They are just too cute ♥

They look so cute ! it really looks as if they were shining :D!

Cool, they look awesome!

cool ^^ Hwaiting SHINee <3

Yay go SHINee fighting!!!

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