One of the ‘Big 3′ companies, SM Entertainment is ready to recruit some new trainees into their company! Home of the likes of power groups DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, and more, SM has definitely succeeded above and beyond. They also made history on October 23rd as being the first Asian artists performing in Madison Square Garden for ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour‘.

Performances have already spread to Europe and America and now it looks like SM is ready to expand in another field. Auditions. In 2012, SM Entertainment will be having global auditions! Next year’s destined cities will include New York, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, LA and San Francisco; as well as auditions in Korea, China, and Japan.

The second best part? There’s no audition fee! You can audition as a singer, actor, model, dancer, or even a lyricist. However, you’re only allowed one shot at an audition. You can audition in person or you can send in a video.

Auditions will begin in New York on February 18th, so if you’re in the area, why not take a shot?


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linachieng - 10/27/11 12:17 pm

If i sing the world will crash

Don’t be pessimistic! (Aka that’s why you rap and dance instead, lololol)

If i sing the world will crash

Then Goodluck to you! smile

There is going to be so much competition o_o

what about australia? :D good luck to all those who are participating.


Too bad I have no talent lol

they should also include other countries in asia :|
anyways, good luck to everyone whose joining~!!
give all your best shot. FIGHTING!! smile

This is the funnies part,it should be in bold “However, you’re only allowed one shot at an audition.”

I hope I can audition :DD It’s going to be so fun~~

OMG, TORONTO!!  Well, I duno why I’m getting excited, I have no talent.. ^^ I’m pretty stage-frightened, but it would be sooo nice if I could actually give it a shot..  I wonder if my Zumba classes would help me prepare.. ahah!

YESYESYESYES. SAN FRANCISCO :D i’m totally going to audition.

I want to be a trainee! in my dreams LOL fighting SMTown~

if theyre gnna treat me the way like they do with suju id rather not audition >[

OMGEEE that’s so freakin awesome!!! :D Can’t believe they are taking ppl from america. So cool ^^ Guess they are trying to be more global instead of just the asian community? ^^?

sound for good! but.... due to their history… I don’t feel like want to audition for this company :/

OMG. Sounds so fun to audition!! But.. so much conditioning to be at their standards.

im sad because the one day they r in tornto im not there :( so i have to wait if they will do it in 2013. depressing but im happy that they are giving other people this chance!

Wow this is so cool! I wanna audition for dancing!

hehehehe imma audition :D

Omg! I want to audition for modeling! I better start practicing now!

raspberry this is a bit late...I’ve had the audition page bookmarked for a couple days now...raspberry
but i’ll defo try out 4 singer, i think u can try even if ure not Asian...<3
SM Entertainment hwaiting!!! <3

Worldwide? Uwaaa thanks for keeping my hopes up SM :(
Anyways good luck to people who’s thinking of auditioning!! \(^0^)/


I’m not asian...TT.TT

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