Today’s GIF of the Day features B1A4’s Gongchan all smiles while greeting his beloved banana BANAs! Quite the funny faces on that banana there, and makenae’s grin looks just a bit creepy. The real BANAs are waaaay prettier and more supportive than that banana, haha. Gongchan, don’t settle for those fruits! (Though we know how much you and the others like that one banana plushie…)

Bonus: Cartoon Jinyoung and a fangirl banana BANA!

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lol thank you for sharing xD

ROFLL!!! I SOOO LOVE The fanclub name!! haha

Hhahaha soo cuute! Gongchan ♥♥♥

That’s so cute!! :D

The first BANAna is kind of creepy… the second gif is really cute smile

LOLOLOL how cute.
I love the 2nd gif though ^^

LOL.He’s very cute! <3

gongchan <3 so cute ^^

So cute!! gongchan~

These pics are so cute!~

Haha. This is cute. XD

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha this is so cute! ^^

hahaha so cute XD
thanks for sharing~

so cute! Thanks for sharing^^

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