JYJ’s Junsu will be taking part in a new musical, titled ELISABETH. The poster was unveiled for the musical and Junsu can be seen with a fierce, new look.

Elisabeth is about the life of Empress Elisabeth of the Habsburg Hause and Junsu will be taking on the role of “Death”, who falls in love with Elisabeth and thinks that the only way to free her from her restrictive confinements is to lead her to her death. Of course, though Junsu is playing a mysterious character, his poster really reminds me of Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Good thing he doesn’t sparkle, though.

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omomomomomo!!! WOOOOOOOH! Junsu you look so hoot :D

LOLOLOL! @ the title but in the pic, HES NOTHING LIKE EDWARD!! LOL

Oh my gosh the title just made me lol XD

he’s in another musical...how i wish i can be there to watch him…

Junsu is hotter♥ & yes, it’s great that his skin doesn’t sparkle smile

he looks even better!

WTF...Hes so Much hotter then Edward. I personally dont see any resemblence at ALL
Srry for saying meh thoughts.
Prepared for hate mail

hes so much hotter than edward.....

he’s hotter than edward!!!!

I don’t know… he doesn’t looks like Edward…
He’s hotter! Although I’m a fan of Edward, but this makes me feel that Junsu is more handsome!
I want to watch that! Lookin’ forward to it

The only thing Edward and Jyunshyu have in common is that they are both perfect…
Edward is described as perfect creature, But Junsu IS perfect in real life!!
so HOT!! and SEXAY!!
Love this pic…
Junsu’s second musical!! He may soon become a prince of musicals!
Thanks for sharing^^

he looks really cool and sexy here!!
he’s much better looking than Edward Cullen raspberry <3

He’s so hot. Though I don’t really see much Edward Cullen in here. 

OMG, so friggen hot. My heart skipped a beat. He would still be really hot even if he is sparkly.I wanna see this musical, damn >_<

If he’s death...i would happily die right now XD

Yeah, only Junsu is hot! He looks amazing ^^

Junsu looks so much hotter than Edward Cullen! I wish I could see the musical! 

Junsu should totally be casted as Edward instead. XD plus his dorky english. :D It’d be so awesome. :3


Oh dannng! So intense.

that’s so not true.....Junsu is way hotter than Edward Cullen....sexy pic though

Junsu looks cool!
but Junsu is hotter

O-O He looks soo hawt.
But eww WAYYY Better than Edward Cullen :3
And for the 1003968092 time Ningin needs a hawt button? xD

he looks good ^_^

I see similarities, but I wouldn’t compare him to Edward. They still both look very different in my opinion ^^;

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