Despite having a busy promotion schedule with their third album, The Boys, SNSD’s Taeyeon and Yoona still took time to visit Super Junior’s Yesung at his parents’ cafe, Handel & Gretel, proving that the bond between SNSD and Super Junior is tight.

Yesung uploaded two pictures of the girls at the cafe and tweeted, “Taeyeon and Yoona who came to Handel and Gretel~~^^ These pretty girls!” In the first picture, Taeyeon can be seen pointing to a picture of Yesung playing the guitar (for Super Junior KRY’s “Fly”) while Yoona is somewhat pouting. In the second picture, Taeyeon and Yoona are posing with Yesung’s brother, Jongjin.

That’s so sweet of them to visit Yesung! And hee, Jongjin gets to pose with the two. Nice!

Source: Yesung’s Twitter