United CUBE concerts by Cube Entertainment artists had been a great success in South Korea, Japan, England, and East Asia. And seems like the company is planning on opening a big concert in South America, which is a first for all Korean groups.

The Cube Entertainment CEO, Hong Seungseong, had previously revealed their United Cube Concert plans in Europe and South America. And as they kept their promise and held a European concert, the chances for a South American one is pretty high.

The notable thing is, even though many groups have big fandoms in South American countries such as Brazil, there hadn’t been any groups to hold a concert yet. So if Cube Entertainment succeeds in bringing their artists there, it would mark the start of the Hallyu Wave of South America.

Oh my gosh are you serious? They are moving on to South America now, and they haven’t even come to Canada!!! I’m a super big B2UTY and yet I never get to see them in person…


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United cube, come to Brazil *-*

If they could make it to SOUTH AMERICA!! I’m sure they could for NORTH America! ^0^

I feel really bad for Canadian fans.. Seems like nobody wants to come there D:

Hopefully SM will have Toronto concerts or something…


I hope so! That would be great! ^^
But I don’t live there lol

Woah! Invasion of the Cube Entertainment artists!

I wish they will come to Canada one day!

as a european concert they are only in england or will they do more in europa? >.< Anyways congrats to those in South America smile

Omg!!!!! If they go to south america please go to peru!! And argentina were my parents and I are from!!! =)

WOAHH OMGG YOURE ALSO A B2UTY IN CANADA!>< ME TOOO!!T.T I guess we understand each other then..:( they HAVE TO come to Canada..>< or at least NY..:/

awh i live in nyc :(

COME TO NEW YORK AGAIN!! i wanna see a united cube concert :( but congrats to the south american fans ^^

Cool! Maybe morth america, LA next time? :DD?

oooo that’s exciting for South American fans smile

United Cube Daebakkk !!!!! 4minute, Beast, G.na the best <3 <3 <3
HyunAaaaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3

Come to SG please^^~

Still far away from home...come here, please~ BEAST!!! xD

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