Today’s video of the day features Super Junior Yesung’s fail at dancing. This clip shows him doing a solo dance, and his moves are a bit too, out of control! I don’t think ELF’s would ever want him to get near creating choreography for the rest of the members. If he did, my reaction would just be like TVXQ Changmin’s reaction at 30 seconds into the video.

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ahahah Yesung <3 xD
and his smile at the end <3 :DD

Oh my freaking god Yesung is just.... XD

LOL! He is so silly xD
That’s like how I would dance, because IDK how LOL

Oh my gosh, this guy is so cute! Who else can dance like this and still manage to make girls swoon? I love his facial expression when he starts dancing xD

That’s what makes him so adorable! XD

Yesung is so cute!! This is trademark dance! That’s why i liked him more!

Well, that’s kind of funny. Changmin was the one who was pointing to him!
Ughhhh he is so cute! His fail is his win xD

Lolz Yesung is so awkward, amazing, awesome, and adorable! ^_^ lolz

Bahaha, Yesung this is one of your many and adorkable charms!! 


Yesunggggg!~ He’s sooooo adorable! >w<

LOL Yesung is just too cute for words^^♥

This is why I liked Yesung even more. XD

Lawl. Cute Yesung and his dancing.
Poor Leetuek tho he looked slightly embaressed

Me encanta TODO de él!!! <3.<3 es perfecto!!

Hahahaa~ wow. Yesung is just amazing!!!

LOL this is why he’s my have super junior member xD
i love how the suju members were trying to stop him but they ended up sitting down again xD

so cute!!!

This is seriously this trade mark!
So cute and funny!! 

hahahahahaha Yesung-oppa, ur freaking awesome! XD
Changmin-oppa’s expression was so funny XD *o*

That is simply HILARIOUS raspberry

XDDD hahaha
Yesung never fails to put a smile on my face everything I see his graceful moves lol

lmao he makes me die of laughter all the time!

lmao! omg, that was beautiful. that was SO freaking cute.
Yesung <3

HAHAHA amazing smile

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