Wonder what others may be dressing as? Well here, just for you I made this! Coming from some of the most popular anime out right now (or just ever!), some cosplay looks!!

1. Death Note - The cosplays from this are MOSTLY simple. White shirt, jeans, no shoes, messed up hair and candy, and bam you have L. Black dress, pigtailed hair, Death Note? Why, isn’t that Misa Amane?


Death Note : L

2. Naruto - This ever popular series is always being cosplayed at conventions and just in peoples’ spare time. The cosplays from here are still somewhat simple, but you do need to have some key items to complete your outfits.

Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto : Sasuke Uchiha

3. Bleach - A very popular (and LOOOOOONG running) anime, Bleach is a good choice for cosplaying!


Bleach : Toushirou

4. Code Geass - I really like this anime but the cosplay sometimes…is a bit difficult!


Code Geass : C.C.

5. Full Metal Alchemist - I love Ed and Al cosplayers from this show so much…!

Alphonse and Edward, The Elric Brothers

Full Metal Alchemist : Alphonse and Edward, The Elric Brothers

6. Vampire Knight - This one is an easy cosplay if you can happen to get a school uniform!

Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight : Kaname Kuran

7. Inuyasha - Ever wanted to be in the Feudal Era?

Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru

Inuyasha : Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru

8. Dragon Ball Z - So what you are saying is, you want to suddenly sprout a tail and shoot energy from your hands?

Dragon Ball Z - Piccolo

Dragon Ball Z - Piccolo

9. Ouran High School Host Club - Oh I love the characters from this show so much! Who is your favorite, if you’ve seen it?

Hanizuka Mitsukuni

Ouran High School Host Club : Hanizuka Mitsukuni

10. Fruits Basket - Being that a character in this show actually makes cosplay for a living…Ayame Sohma, the Snake, I thought it would be fun to show this as a cosplay idea as well! ^^

Tohru Honda

Fruits Basket : Tohru Honda

So what do you think of these looks? What are you dressing as/or have dressed as?

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So cute!  But I never thought anime was a good idea for halloween, with the exception of Pokemon, since it’s not as recognizable by other people as a bumblebee or Frankenstein.

there’s only a few -very few- who can pull off sasuke. must be because of his gravity defying hair haha raspberry
my friend last year cosplayed as garra lol

I’ve always wanted to cosplay, but sometimes I just don’t like how different real people look from the characters… Which is why I get surprised at how much L cosplayers can look like the L from the manga/anime. Also, Belphegor (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) cosplayers do a good job, probably because his eyes are hidden anyway.

If I get the chance to cosplay I would choose characters from either Kuroshitsuji, Vampire Knight or Final Fantasy smile My favorites~
The one who cosplayed as Honey-senpai doesn’t look alike at all xD
I like Kaname’s cosplayer smile
The rest are...so-so.
Thanks for sharing!!

My friend was a lolita this year :D

I really think all those cosplay suits the Halloween theme. 

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